Two For One

In his first-ever morning spanking, Lion got ten minutes (a little over) for two offenses. It was the dreaded open shower door. I planned to do it last night, but I wasn’t feeling well after dinner. I could have given him fifteen for breaking the rule twice, but I decided a morning spanking was enough of an assault on his poor derriere. Now he has to sit all day on sore buns.

Since my stomach was wonky, I didn’t unlock him either. I should have. Last night was the “every other” day. I did play with him the night before, but he was locked away. He got hard, but that doesn’t really count. The commitment is to unlock him every other day. I’ve changed that commitment to every day since he told me I’m addicted to my iPad and shouldn’t spend more than an hour on it a day. For the record, I made it four days without touching it. I would have done more, but he said, of course, he didn’t tell me I could only spend an hour a day on it. He meant less time. I should be like him and only use it to check things and when I’m done, I should put it down. But I digress.

He’s all up to date on his spankings. If he leaves the damn shower door open again, he’ll get the fifteen minutes he should have gotten today. The clock should reset after his spanking, but if he breaks another rule, let alone the same rule, within a certain length of time, he gets time added for bad behavior. He needs to learn the rules.

I suppose I would have been well within my “rights” to punish him for telling me I’m addicted to my iPad. Isn’t he addicted to television? From the time he wakes up until the time he goes to bed, the only time the TV is off is when he’s writing. He even has a TV in his office and the other day he said he likes to watch The Price is Right, but he doesn’t want to disturb me while I’m working. Of course, he watches TV when he’s in the bedroom while I’m working. And, yes, he sometimes gets annoyed with me when I talk to him while he’s watching a rerun for the umpteenth time. Yup, I see addiction. The difference is that I don’t expect him to stop doing it. I know he likes it. And I digressed again.

The point is, Lion is done with punishment for now. I’ll unlock him later and edge him. I may even give him another orgasm. Who knows? If he’s horny enough, why not? I have a goal of one orgasm per week. I never said there was a limit.

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