I received my first morning spanking yesterday. This is a big deal because we are both creatures of habit, and spankings have always been administered after dinner. Yesterday, as soon as I finished brushing my teeth, I was invited to ride the spanking bench. Yippee, I Oh Ki-Yay!

Like all spankings, this one started with a few warmup swats. Mrs. Lion went on to her usual array of butt-bruising whomps. I can’t explain it, but it didn’t hurt as much as usual after a while. Maybe it was her choice of implements, or possibly her morning energy is lower than it is at night. You can see in the photo above that she did create some blistering and a few drops of blood. The spanking didn’t hurt as badly as it looked.

I was even more surprised that there was no pain afterward. I know that Mrs. Lion hoped I would feel her spanking when I sat down at my desk. Nope, no pain at all. I wasn’t yelping much either after the first couple of minutes. Am I getting desensitized? Is Mrs. Lion letting up? Do we need to go back to the tried-and-true wood paddles?

Mrs. Lion was in a pretty good mood this morning. Maybe her mood softened her blows. Another possibility is that she didn’t feel that leaving the shower door open was a very serious matter. Most likely, the real reason was that she used the opportunity to experiment with various tools. I suspect her focus was on trying out different implements and not discouraging future offenses. I know she stopped and tried different things.

I’m sure that she will return to more memorable punishments next time. I was surprised at the blistering without the discomfort. I’m also a little surprised that I feel some disappointment like I got away with something. Weird, huh?

[Mrs. Lion — I thought I was still hitting hard, but I may have eased up because the blood spots happened early in the spanking. I didn’t want to spatter or make them worse. Toward the end, no pun intended, I was trying to make sure I got an even redness. Last time, Lion noticed there was a distinct non-red area in the center.]

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