In Mrs. Lion’s post yesterday (“I Can’t Remember Everything“), she talked about a cluster of activities that made her forget to spank me. I forgot to close the shower door after I got out. Not a terrible thing, like problems in life, go, but enough to earn me ten minutes of spanking.

I’m not complaining. Mrs. Lion has a zero-tolerance policy on rule-breaking. It’s my job to close the shower door when I finish my shower. I was distracted because I had to take the shower speaker out for recharging. That is an excuse Mrs. Lion might use, but not me. Nope. The lion is supposed to obey his rules 100-percent of the time.

If you’ve been reading our blog for a while, you know that I don’t have perfect performance. I broke the same rule twelve days ago. Depending on how she feels about the fact that I forgot less than two weeks ago, she might amp up my spanking.

It may seem that I’m stupid. I don’t have to remember that many things. There are only two that guarantee a sore bottom: forgetting to set up the coffee pot and leaving the shower door open. I’m doing much better with the coffee pot. I will learn to remember the shower door fairly soon, if that’s any indicator.

Spankings aren’t a big deal for Mrs. Lion. For some time now, she’s been treating them as routine activities. There’s no fanfare. She sets up the spanking bench and tells me to mount up. She usually straps me in and starts beating me. There is no discussion, no ritual, nothing but the spanking. It’s clear that she is untroubled by performing this chore.

Receiving a spanking is not routine for me. I dread it and hope she will forget. Every second on the spanking bench is horrible. Mrs. Lion enjoys her ability to color my bottom and make me yelp. It’s intensely personal for me. It’s just the opposite for her.

I’m not complaining. This is how it should be. Punishing me shouldn’t bother Mrs. Lion. It’s a job she took on and performed as needed. I’m glad she’s reached the point where it’s become a routine task for her. If the Disciplinary Wives Club were still around, she would be a member in very good standing.

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