Our Favorite Indoor Sport

This is how it works at our house. I’m in charge until I’m not.

Yeah, I tend to be too analytical. I like to think that’s a good thing. Maybe it isn’t. I’ve been thinking about the convoluted sexuality that’s evolved in my life. Mrs. Lion and I are pushing a decade of our kinks. That’s not entirely correct. She’s been spanking me for nearly twenty years. But the early years were just not very serious play spankings. They were part of BDSM scenes.

When we began male chastity, the nature of things changed. We acknowledged that Mrs. Lion had the last word. No, she didn’t become a micromanaging mistress. We agreed that she had the absolute right to decide what I should and shouldn’t do.

That meant our day-to-day lives weren’t going to change. She could make rules that she would enforce. If she assigns a chore to me, failing to do it earned me a punishment. In our house, punishment is a spanking. If you’ve been reading our blog, you know that a spanking is a serious ten-minute visit with Mrs. Lion’s paddles. It is absolutely no fun.

Most people would be appalled at my punishments. Domestic discipline could be considered abuse. The reason it isn’t for us is very simple: the idea of being spanked turns me on. Being spanked as punishment is an erotic theme for me too. Actually, getting punished most certainly isn’t. It doesn’t matter. I want Mrs. Lion to spank me for transgressions. I want the spankings to be painful and not a bit sexy. Yet, I get aroused thinking about getting one.

Even though it’s obvious that I need to feel her paddles, I never deliberately break a rule or forget a chore. The “game” is very important to both of us. Mrs. Lion likes “catching” me break the rules. When I do, she spanks me. She doesn’t mind beating me. She doesn’t particularly like doing it. It’s part of the game.

She likes that I know that it will hurt if I break a rule. That’s my side of the game. I have to be careful to stay out of trouble because spankings really hurt. I willingly accept the spanking because the idea of being spanked turns me on.

We have an interesting balance. Mrs. Lion likes catching me. I work hard to avoid giving her anything to catch. Hard as I try, she’ll find something every week or two. When she does, I pay the consequence. She spanks me. My ass is literally on the line.


  1. I like it, psychologically the spanking ignites certain chemicals in one’s brain that could be described as psychedelic…primal urges buried deep after centuries of civilization.

    1. Author

      I’ve heard of that. It isn’t my experience.

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