Diaper or panties? Which should I make Lion wear?

A while ago, I needed to be in the office for part of the day. I was going to make Lion wear a pair of frilly panties. I forgot. When I told him about it, he said I could do that any day. While that is true, the purpose of wearing the panties was for him to be reminded of me even if I was twenty miles away at work. I’ve had three opportunities in the past few weeks to make him wear the panties and I’ve forgotten every time. I guess I will have to make him wear them when I’m home.

I could also have him wear a diaper from time to time. He hates that, especially when I make the rule that he can change when he’s saturated, but he has to pee in the fresh diaper as soon as he puts it on. In other words, he may have peed three times in a diaper before he’s allowed to change it and as soon as he puts a clean one on, he has to pee immediately. This ensures he’s never in a dry diaper and, therefore, he’s always uncomfortable.

I’ve never asked him if he prefers wearing panties or a diaper. He’ll wonder what difference his preference is. I’ll make him to whatever I want anyway. It matters because I’m asking him. I know he hates both. I want to know which he hates more. What will I do with that information? Maybe nothing. Maybe I’ll decide I only want to make him slightly uncomfortable on a given day. Another day, I might decide I want him more uncomfortable. It’s quite possible he hates both equally but for different reasons. Maybe the frilly panties are too girly for him and the diapers are too yucky.

Whatever his reasons, I see frilly panties and diapers in Lion’s future. I’m psychic like that.

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