A Red Bottom Says I Love You

Now that we are both feeling better, it’s probably a good time to discuss domestic discipline. We seem stuck on a single rule that triggers punishment for me: forgetting to set up the coffee pot for breakfast the next morning. We had a couple of other rules that have fallen by the wayside. I was supposed to wait to eat until Mrs. Lion started. Since my vision has worsened, Mrs. Lion doesn’t enforce that one.

The second displaced rule was that I got punished if I got food on my shirt. Since I’m almost always naked, this rule doesn’t apply. That leaves the single coffee pot rule. I suppose you could argue that there’s no reason to punish me if I’m well behaved. I suppose that I am reasonably well trained by this point.

We’ve substituted “just because” spankings for punishments. It turns out that every time Mrs. Lion gives me one of these spankings, she remembers things I should have been punished for doing. So, they really aren’t “just because” spankings, after all.

We do better when domestic discipline is more in the foreground. Right now, for example, it’s been three weeks since my last visit with the spanking bench. I’m not unhappy about that. Mrs. Lion is a very strict spanker. The problem is that punishment is an expression of love. I know that sounds odd, but it’s a form of attention that says Mrs. Lion cares enough to correct me. That means a lot to me. I think it does to her as well.

When she is actively correcting me, she is also more affectionate. I think that identifying infractions and correcting them is active. She is not only spanking me. She is also watching me to be sure I am behaving correctly. That is a constant connection and reminder of our love.

Over the years we have been doing this, domestic discipline has become another language of love. Thinking about a spanking is sexual to me, but not to her. However, discovering and punishing infractions is a form of communication we established years ago. Every time she brings out the spanking bench, something happens. She may not have fun spanking me, but she gets a sense of a job well done when it hurts for me to sit days later.

Beyond that, spanking is an intimate activity. It isn’t sexual, but it is very intimate. I think we both understand that it is an expression of our love for each other. Think about it. If we were angry and distant, would Mrs. Lion spank me? I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t.


  1. Perhaps when she spanks you, she feels guilty and therefore she tries to compensate for it with affection.

    1. Author

      No, it isn’t that. It brings us closer. Odd, but true.

  2. I feel incredibly close and loving to my wife after she spanks me. Perhaps it is just due to the release of pheromones but nothing else puts me in such an extreme state. I don’t see that she feels any guilt after spanking me even though it is not in her nature as a nurse to cause anyone pain.
    It is very intimate and requires being very open and vulnerable, something most men are not good at. I only wish that I had discovered it years ago.

    1. Author

      We all seem to get sweeter after a beating. It’s a nice bonus for our partners, I guess.

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