Busy Monday

Today is a very busy day. I’m trying to help a coworker deal with an issue with another coworker. I’m doing training modules for our new computer system. And I’m still doing my regular work. Oh, and the dog thinks I should be playing with her non-stop. Ironically, Lion thinks I should be playing with him too, but he’ll wait till later.

I think we’re both feeling better. Lion’s back and shoulder hurt yesterday. We snuggled last night and I fondled my weenie. Neither of us expected it to go any further than fondling. Tonight, however, we’re hoping it will. I don’t know if I’ll spank him. That may wait another day or two. I just want to get back into some sort of routine. Not a boring routine. I want to get back to normal. Lion thinks we aren’t intimate unless I’m holding him to his rules. As he said, I suspended the rule about eating because he can’t see very well. He doesn’t wear clothes much so he doesn’t spill on himself. The only real rule left is the coffee pot and I catch him with that all the time. I haven’t been able to come up with any other rules. When he behaves himself I do “just because” spankings. I haven’t done one in a while because either one, the other, or both of us have been under the weather. Now we’re fine so the beatings can resume.

I have been thinking of a rule. I’ve been working from home for a few months. Lion has been writing and rewriting a book. When something needs to be done around here, he’ll say he’s busy writing. Uh huh. And I’m busy working. It’s true that my job is a series of starts and stops throughout the day, but it’s not like I can just chuck it and do what I want. (Of course, I’m chucking it right now so I can write this post.) My point is that his work isn’t any more or less important than mine. If it’s a chore or issue that he can deal with, he should be available to deal with it just like I am. Do I need to stop what I’m doing right this second to deal with the robot vacuum cleaner not working? I don’t necessarily think so, but Lion does. Can he make a phone call to ask a question that either of us can ask? I think so. I understand that getting yourself into the mindset of writing may be different from my work and you don’t want to stop the flow of creative juices, but I get interrupted by coworkers’ phone calls and emails all day. All I’m asking for is a little balance.

[Lion — What’s the new rule?]