Almost Better

I am happy to report that I am 99% better. I can still feel whatever it was lurking in the background and I’m sure if I do too much, I’ll feel it, but I need to do things today. Both of us spent a few hours napping on and off yesterday while watching TV. By dinner time, neither of us was hungry and Lion’s tummy was yucky, but we ate homemade chicken soup and that seemed good for both of us. Lion’s shoulder was hurting a lot last night, so even if I was able to give him attention, he wasn’t looking for any. The pain kept him awake a lot last night.

At some point, both of us will be well enough to enjoy each other’s company again. I mean, of course, close company. We always enjoy being together, even if we aren’t touching. Luckily, Lion’s right shoulder is the one that hurts, so holding hands is still on the table. I think he needs a combination of heating pad and a different pillow to support his shoulder. He’s spent more time in bed since he wasn’t feeling well and that has exacerbated his shoulder issues.

What I’ve been writing isn’t particularly interesting lately. Those are the perils of being the play-by-play guy. If there’s no game, there’s nothing to report on. I will say that Lion made sure the coffee pot was set up for this morning. He thought he’d done it for yesterday morning. He wanted to make sure not to tempt fate. He knew sooner or later I’d feel well enough to uphold his rules. He doesn’t want that spanking bench to come out any time soon. Of course, I won’t spank him if he doesn’t feel well. He needs time to recover as well.

Today, after I’ve run errands and done some chores, I’ll look for the weighted heating pad for Lion’s shoulder. I’ve got to get him back into fighting form.

[Lion — I took a pain pill and feel fine. My shoulder doesn’t hurt when I am on the spanking bench, so no excuse for me there. I was worried about Mrs. Lion. I’m relieved she is feeling better.]