Sweet Potato-less Christmas

Last weekend I got a brilliant idea to save ourselves a trip to the store and order from Amazon fresh. There were no delivery dates available. Everyone else apparently had my brilliant idea too. We tried to order from the local grocery store’s delivery service, got a favorable date but decided things were more expensive than just going to the store ourselves. I remember Lion adding sweet potatoes to the Amazon cart before ditching that idea. I remember him adding them to the local grocery store cart before ditching that idea. I do not remember him adding them to the physical cart when we were in the store. Nor do I remember unpacking them when I put things away. He clearly remembers picking them out and asking if he’d gotten enough. In any case, I couldn’t find the sweet potatoes anywhere in the house. [Lion — Was I hallucinating?]

There we were, on Christmas day, snapping at each other because the sweet potatoes were hiding. I even jumped in the car with the hopes that a store might be open to get some. Lion loves sweet potatoes and I wanted to get them for him. In the end, we made do with roasted white potatoes and, despite snapping at each other for being in each other’s way and/or not reading each other’s mind, I think dinner preparation went fairly well. My friend joined us and we had a nice visit. [Lion Sounds like a spankable offense to me. Mrs. Lion?]

It was around 9 o’clock when my friend left. Personally, I think if we had dinner earlier, we could visit for a while and things would wrap up earlier, but Lion likes dinner around 6:30. Maybe he thinks the lateness with encourage my friend to leave. The problem is that things take time. By the time Lion and I were settled in the bedroom it was 9:30 and he immediately wanted attention.

I was full from dinner and dessert. I told him I didn’t think oral was in the picture. He grumbled a bit but took what he could get. When a handjob didn’t seem to be working all that well, I told him he must be spoiled by all the recent oral attention. He agreed but said it still felt good. Maybe it was the lateness, maybe it was the turkey, but things did not progress much after that. We held hands for a while and then Lion drifted off to snooze land. Eventually, I drifted off to snooze land too. Then we woke up to go to sleep.

This morning we were up about 8. Not too early. Not too late. I worked Monday and I need to work tomorrow. We’ve had three days together in the middle of the week. I could get used to this. The house, while still nowhere near unpacked, is looking better than ever. The living room is livable. There are random things scattered everywhere but we’ll get there. For the first time in months, I actually think we’ll get there.

And, yes, Lion will get some attention tonight. If all goes well, we’ll have dinner and showers done early. I’ll get back on track with anal play and Lion will have his blow job. Will he get to the edge? Will he have an orgasm? Can he get to either threshold before I decide to stop? That’s up to him. [Lion — No, it isn’t!]