Christmas Eve

Tomorrow morning millions of people will be opening gifts and wishing each other Merry Christmas. Even non-Christians will celebrate this nearly-ubiquitous holiday in the western world. People have Christmas Eve traditions that range from family dinners to decorating trees and opening gifts. There are just two of us now. Our kids are either grown or living thousands of miles away. Our families are on the other side of the continent. So, we celebrate on our own.

This is the second year for a tradition enforced chastity caused Mrs. Lion to introduce: I get a Christmas-Eve orgasm and another on Christmas day. Okay, it isn’t a boys’ choir singing Christmas Carols. Maybe some would be offended. But our little enforced chastity community understands the significance of these gifts. OK, these are great gifts for me. What about Mrs. Lion?

We always exchange gifts that reflect what we can afford in any given year. But that isn’t the sort of gift that feeds the heart the way those holiday orgasms do. I do what I can for her. I am cooking the holiday dinner this year (Note to self: Get rolls for dinner). I do what I can for her. There are very few days that we don’t tell one another how lucky we are to be together.

All this shouldn’t be too surprising. It is very difficult to practice enforced chastity in a bad marriage. It would take a masochist of massive proportions to give the key to his cock to a soon-to-be-estranged wife or husband. Trust and affection are important components of enforced chastity. The same is true for pretty much any power exchange. No matter how strongly the bottom protests that he wants a cruel mistress who objectifies him and abuses him, his underlying assumption is that she really loves him and wants him to be happy. Too many people confuse the language of domination with the reality.

No caged male really exists solely for the pleasure of his keyholder. He believes he exists for the pleasure of the keyholder. But what keyholder could be happy with a miserable caged male who “does his duty” in the vain hope of an orgasm. That plays well in a fantasy, but in reality unless he’s found satisfaction, he won’t be happy. Now that satisfaction may be unrelated to ejaculation, but he has to have something in it for him in order to continue.

I bring all this up now because it is at this time of year in 2013 that I decided to ask Mrs. Lion if she would be my keyholder. It took me a week or so to actually ask. I wanted to think carefully about a lifestyle role change. It’s one thing to want to be tied up and spanked sometimes. It’s something else entirely to permanently turn over my sexuality to my lioness. I thought about how this would affect my self-image. I never considered surrender on a full time basis. Eventually, I decided I wanted to try this. In early January 2014 Mrs. Lion and I started our adventure.

Here we are two years later. The adventure continues. Merry Christmas Eve!