Snowed In

I just went out to chase the dog around in the snow. She doesn’t quite know what to make of it. It’s fun to run in. She’s sure of that. I figure if she’s running outside, she’ll be less tempted to run inside. We have at least four inches, and it’s still going. Good thing we do not need to go out for anything. It’s a mess out there.

Somehow, I completely forgot about our turkey dinner. Lion was busy writing, and I was doing things. Around 3, he said we should start cooking. I know he wanted to play earlier in the day, but it just didn’t happen. I should have dragged him out of his office, but I don’t want to interrupt him when he gets in the zone. I don’t know if it was lifting the turkey in and out of the oven or if it was dealing with the psycho dog, but my arm hurt after dinner. The muscles were aching even when I wasn’t doing anything. Later on, the damn dog started in again. This time she jumped on the bed and kicked me in the jaw. I have some swelling today. It won’t keep me from sucking on Lion, though.

I forgot to mention that I gave Lion an extra Christmas present the other night. He’d forgotten the coffee pot again. It was just as he was going to take his contacts out, and I decided to be nice even if he was naughty. I told him he should venture out to the kitchen. As soon as I said that, he realized his mistake. He swore he’d done it. Nope. No Christmas spanking for a naughty Lion.

We are coming up on two weeks since Lion’s last spanking. He bought a new leather paddle. I’m sure he wants to know what it feels like. It’s longer than I’m used to using. I don’t mind long wooden paddles. I can figure out where they’re going to hit. Floppy paddles don’t always go where I want them to go. The heavy rubber ones we have are short, so I can aim them. The longer the implement, the greater the possibility I will hit somewhere I’m not supposed to. I don’t really like floggers for that reason. I used to cane Lion a long time ago. Holy cow was that stressful. First of all, it’s a cane that could cause some damage. Second, it’s easy to hit in the wrong spot. Thirdly, I had no idea where it was going to land. Sometimes I think about caning him again, but I don’t need that stress. Let’s stick to nice, safe paddling.

Lion — Not that I miss being caned, but it isn’t hard to learn. It takes some practice hitting pillows, but in less than 15 minutes, Mrs. Lion can learn to hit like a pro.]