‘Tis The Night Before Chirstmas

Christmas Eve is here at last. Since our kids are grown and far away, we don’t bother with a tree and decorations. We do have a Christmas feast tomorrow. We will have roasted turkey breast, stuffing, white and sweet potatoes, and gravy. This is an elaborate meal for us. If we can manage to hold off, we will exchange gifts tomorrow. Most years, we can’t manage and end up exchanging gifts on Christmas Eve.

It’s unlikely we will play or have sex tomorrow. Cooking, eating, and cleaning up usually wear us out. A full belly is worth it. I like this time of year because more people are happy and lots of sappy shows are on TV. Actually, our streaming services display holiday offerings. I’m a sucker for “Love Actually,” and movies in their ilk, especially at Christmas. That particular movie combines hot nudity with lots of sappy love stuff. What more could I want?

Julie Delmar, whose Strict Julie Spanked is one of my favorite blogs, has just released a new, sexy spanking book David’s Spankings. It’s a fictional account of a young man who moves in with his strict lesbian aunt and her lover. This is her third sexy book. I look forward to reading it.

We are hunkered down. It’s extremely cold (for here) outside. There’s snow and ice on the ground. We’ve been getting a combination of freezing rain and snow. The snow doesn’t amount to much, but our communities don’t have snow plows. A couple of inches can make a mess out of driving.

Mrs. Lion didn’t give me a punishment day spanking on Thursday. I’m glad. My butt still hurt on Friday. Apparently, she’s back to her old-fashioned, wood-paddle spankings. Some of her swats literally took my breath away. I wonder if she’s going to use the same intensity for her five-minute punishment day spankings. Before Wednesday, she used leather paddles.

Have a great holiday! Merry Christmas!


  1. Merry Christmas to you as well. I hope Santa Claus will fill Mr. Lions stocking with switches, IcyHot, Sloan’s Linament, a collapsible purse sized paddle, and a fur scarf so he can display a mane.

    1. Author

      Thanks for the good wishes. Mrs. Lion prefers me mane-free.

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