White Christmas

christmas snow
We have a white Christmas!

The forecast called for flurries with an accumulation of 1-3 inches in higher elevations. Technically we’re not in a higher elevation but who’s arguing? It’s been a long time since we’ve had a white Christmas and we’re not going anywhere so we’ll just enjoy it from inside.

Yesterday while we watched our football team lose yet again, we had a fire. We don’t often have fires because we spend most of our time in the bedroom. It just seemed like a cozy thing to do and the flurries started while the fire was blazing. It was definitely a Christmas eve thing to do.

We never did make it downstairs to the sling yesterday. Maybe today. But I did unlock Lion and we had a nice edging session. I was considering going until I broke him but I got him so close so many times he was panting. I didn’t want to risk a ruined orgasm. Whether it’s in the sling or not, Lion will have a Christmas orgasm today. I don’t know if it matters to him or not but I like to do holiday orgasms. It makes things more festive. Orgasm fireworks for the 4th of July. Jingle balls for Christmas. It just seems right.

After dinner last night I gave Lion a Christmas gift. I can never wait to give him things. I’m surprised I lasted that long. It was a 12-pack of lacy panties. All different colors. Lion hated them. He thought I forgot all about panties. Unfortunately they don’t fit. I’ll have to return them and order the correct size. Lion says it’s perfectly fine with him if I don’t reorder. I agree. Thongs seem to fit him better anyway.

When I was done edging him I gave him one last Christmas present. I left him wild for the night. He said the cage has become part of him again but I know he enjoys being wild. He doesn’t have to sit to pee. He can try to get hard. It’s only a 24-hour reprieve. Mr. Weenie will be back in solitary confinement by midnight.

Merry Christmas!