I Won’t Yank Until I Spank

We did the whole Costco/grocery store thing yesterday. Well, I did Costco while Lion fought with his phone to get Alexa working in the car. It always amazes me when things that are supposed to make your life easier make it harder. So I went through Costco, buying most of what was on the list and some that weren’t. And then we went to the grocery store to pick up prescriptions and buy most of what was on the list and some that weren’t. Then, when Lion asked what kind of pies I wound up getting, I realized that was one of two things not on the list we forgot to get. We’d discussed the pies when we went past the frozen food section, so I figured I’d get them when we circled back to check out. Yeah. That’s never a good idea. If I don’t get it when I think of it, it doesn’t get gotten.

By the time we made it home, and I put everything away, made dinner, and sat down to eat, I realized how tired I was. My legs were thanking me for sitting down. Once I did the dishes, I was done. Lion asked if I wanted to snuggle, and I said I was trying to summon the energy to bring out the spanking bench. I was not looking forward to twenty minutes of spanking. He wasn’t either. So, I pushed it off till today. I know. I know. Spank him and get it over with. I hear you. Today, for sure.

Lion said he was horny the other day. I don’t think I should give him any sexual attention until he’s gotten his punishment. It’s not that sex is a reward, but he should be punished first. If you’re grounded as a kid, you don’t get to play until you’ve served your sentence. That’s part of being grounded. All manner of fun is removed until your time is up, or you’ve annoyed your parent so much they send you outside to get rid of you. Unfortunately for Lion, annoying me will get him more punishment. He can’t catch a break—poor thing. I think we’ll both feel better when this spanking is no longer looming over us. No, his butt won’t feel better. He won’t have to worry about it anymore.