Oh Boy! I’m Going To Get It

Mrs. Lion didn’t spank me on Friday night. My stomach was bothering me. I am writing this on Saturday. I spent all day Friday trying to finish the technical work on our new home for the site. I didn’t manage to get it right. You may have seen odd things when navigating here. I think I finally managed to comfortably re-host the site and set up a content distribution network to support it. We are entirely in the AWS cloud–yes, the one that went down last week. It’s generally reliable and technically daunting for users. Anyway, with the help of Google, I managed to get it all figured out.

Tonight Mrs. Lion promises a twenty-minute spanking. She wrote about it in “A World of Hurt,” which she published Saturday afternoon. She noted that sometimes she feels she is in a mommy role with me. I can understand that. After all, our moms are the only female authority figures in most of our lives. Mothers can punish naughty children. Mrs. Lion punishes me. Yup. I see the connection.

Some people who write about domestic discipline like to make the mother connection. They label disciplinary wives as maternal disciplinarians. They’re right in one important respect. Mrs. Lion freely corrects my behavior as needed. She makes and enforces rules for me. She loves me and takes care of me. Most mothers (not mine) do that for their kids. Does that mean a disciplinary wife is taking on the role of mother to her “oldest kid?” Many women, including Mrs. Lion, sometimes refer to their husbands that way.

I don’t think that any wife wants to feel like he husband’s mother. I certainly don’t want my lioness to think of me that way. I’m sure she doesn’t. We are partners, and I have considerable decision-making power in our marriage. The only thing you could call maternal is Mrs. Lion’s behavioral authority. She has the absolute right to decide what is and isn’t acceptable lion behavior. If you read her post, you can see that she has considerable power over me.

That’s the way we want it. I’m not looking forward to having my bottom blistered. I do accept the value of the punishment. Our marriage is better for our disciplinary relationship.