Mrs. Lion had a headache on Saturday night. We had chicken soup for dinner and a little chaste snuggling. She said she couldn’t get comfortable on her side. It’s Sunday afternoon now, and so far, she isn’t reporting any head pain. I’m not pressing for being ridden. I’ve waited this long (1,369 days). Another little while won’t matter. It’s more important she is feeling well and energetic. I’m surprised and delighted about being masturbated on Friday. A handjob is a novelty now. Pretty funny. I wouldn’t mind more of that.

I’ve been thinking about ejaculating. Of course, you would expect me to be longing to do it. It isn’t so much that as it is that I’m wondering about change. We’ve settled on a twice-a-month orgasm routine.  I know that there isn’t a reason for this. Mrs. Lion likes to be able to get me to the edge for several days before she gets me off. She hasn’t been able to edge me consistently for quite a while.

She might say it is my fault I don’t get more orgasms. If I could get to the edge more reliably, maybe I would get more chances to ejaculate. She never put it exactly this way, but I think you’ll agree that is the message she’s been sending in her posts. I don’t object to this strategy. I can’t help but wonder what would happen if she decided to get me off every x days? I’m not asking for a strict schedule, but I’m wondering if more opportunities won’t get me better able to reach the edge reliably.

Obviously, any method she uses is synthetic. Biology should drive it. If we were both sexually active, one or both of us would initiate sex. Male chastity changed that for us. Even if Mrs. Lion wanted sex for herself, if we are practicing male chastity, orgasms for me wouldn’t be a given. You know all this. It’s probably the only possibility for us now. At least, it provides us with a framework for one-way sex. It isn’t perfect, but it works. In fact, it works well. I may get frustrated and occasionally grumpy, but sex is always on the table here. Between male chastity and blogging, My need for sex is never buried for very long. Right, Mrs. Lion?

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