Warm Lion

We had a sunny day yesterday. It was relatively warm and we supposedly had a shot at seeing the northern lights because there were no clouds. I didn’t leave the house but I couldn’t see them. We might have had a chance if we’d gone out to dinner. Lion asked if I wanted to go out. I forgot we were supposed to go to Olive Garden for his birthday. He snoozed through dinner time and then said he wasn’t very hungry anyway. We never made it out to run errands either. Big surprise. Things usually wait until Sunday to be done.

My coworkers laughed at me when I said I needed Thanksgiving to get here quickly so I could have four days to catch up on chores. It’s true. I get more laundry done. I get more everything done with a four day weekend. And we still have time for Thanksgiving dinner and some Lion fun.

Oddly, my sinus pain returned last night. It usually hurts when the weather changes to rainy, but it’s been hurting almost nonstop for over a week. It brought a wonderful headache with it too. Snuggling with Lion felt better. I guess my face pressed against a warm Lion was therapeutic. Unfortunately for Lion, that’s all we did. I know he was looking forward to sexy time, but I was looking forward to my head not hurting.

Today, I’m doing laundry, cleaning up the muddy footprints the dog just created and taking my Lion out for dinner. We also have an errand to run. If we time it right, maybe the errand can segue into dinner. And then I’ll make sure my Lion gets sexy time no matter what my head says. He may not believe this, but the night he had his ruined orgasm, I was thinking about shoving the nJoy butt plug up his ass the next night. Of course, since he had a ruined orgasm, the next night was not the next night. He might just find himself plugged tonight.


  1. I think I love Mrs. Lion

  2. Author

    Thank you, but I’ve got my hands full with Lion ?

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