I have been very tired the past few days. I got home from the dog’s training with Burger King for dinner. We ate then I took a shower. Not long after that, we were both snoozing. I kept waking up and falling back to sleep, so it wasn’t very peaceful. I don’t know if Lion’s impromptu naps rejuvenate him, but mine sure didn’t last night. When I got to work this morning, I was falling asleep in no time.

This does not bode well for the evening’s activities. The plan was to tie Lion to the bed and give him a play spanking. Will either of us be awake enough to do that? We may have a 50-50 shot at it, but perhaps that’s optimistic. I have been known to be exhausted all day at work and then be fine at home, so who knows. If I am at all awake and alert enough, and Lion is too, I will follow through with the plans.

Assuming I give him a play spanking tonight, we should be on track for a punishment spanking tomorrow night. I’m still giving him one, whether I was right or not about the pill containers. The bottom line is that he annoyed me, and annoying me has consequences. He’s waited a long time for me to flex my muscles for that reason. He’ll probably be sorry I finally caught up with his expectations. His buns certainly will be sorry.

His tush may be sore from tonight’s play spanking when he settles onto the spanking bench for his punishment. He won’t be bleeding tonight. I doubt he’ll have a bruise. That doesn’t mean he won’t feel the effects of tonight’s spanking tomorrow night. If nothing else, we may get to the bleeding and bruising more quickly tomorrow. I guess I’m priming his butt for tomorrow. I’m marinating or tenderizing the meat for grilling in 24 hours.

Someone light the charcoal.

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  1. Like Lion, I’m glad to see this development. Be careful what you wish for Lion!

    1. I can’t keep my big mouth shut. 🙂

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