No Hair Down There

lion's shaved pubes.
I’ve haven’t had pubic hair in so many years I can’t remember what a lion with hairy balls looks like. To see my entire pubic region sporting a full erection click here

I haven’t had pubic hair in so many years that I can’t remember what I looked like when I was hairy down there. I don’t even think that I have an old photo of the hairy lion. A lover of mine many years ago, the woman who started the entire “lion” thing, didn’t like pubic hair and made sure she removed all of mine. She used to say, “Everyone knows that lions don’t have pubic hair.” Along with the frontal hair removal, the corresponding region in the rear is also maintained in a hairless state. This makes anal play neater and provides a nice smooth playing field for spanking. Speaking of which, the presence or absence of hair has no effect on the sting of the spanking.

It appears that many caged males, other than lions, also don’t have any pubic hair. One reason for this, I am sure, is that hair around the penis tends to get pulled when chastity hardware is put on and taken off. Even during daily wear hair can get caught under the cock ring and pulled painfully. I think there is another, more important reason that caged males end up with bald balls: being hairless is a visible symbol of submission to the keyholder.  Even if the cage is removed, the hairless pubes remain.

I like being bald for other reasons too. It is cleaner. Hair retains scent. The cage, and in my case the diaper, cause smelly residue to hide in the hardware. The bare skin is much easier to rinse. I also like the way it looks. The lack of hair exposes every tiny detail of my cock and balls. It can serve as a visual reminder to my lioness, who retains all of her pubic hair, that she is in charge and I am groomed for her pleasure. The biggest reason is that I just feel more sexually submissive without the hair that traditionally defines me as a mature male. Some people have said that it means I want to be a child. No, I really don’t. It is removal of a symbol that to most men suggests power. It makes me visually more vulnerable. I think that being caged and sexually submissive to my lioness is expressed by my hairless state. Just another part of my forced chastity kink.