We went to the casino last night, and Lion broke even. I lost. I wish I could find a game that amused me as much as the ones Lion finds. Let me correct that. I wish I could find a game that amuses me and pays me some money back along the way. It will hold my interest more if it pays me dribs and drabs rather than just taking my money. I don’t expect to win. I’d just rather lose more slowly.

Today is waxing day. Since we didn’t run the errands I wanted to do yesterday, we have to run them today. That may cut into waxing time. Of course, getting a late start to the day because we’re both so tired cuts into our time too. It’s a good thing we aren’t bound by any time constraints. It doesn’t matter if I wax Lion at midnight. The only deadline I have is being able to make it to work Monday morning.

Lion is still a little sore from his fall. I don’t think that will stand in the way of waxing. It may make tying him to the waxing table too uncomfortable, but no one said it has to happen when I wax him. The table is always there. I don’t think it will hinder oral sex either. As long as he can endure breathing hard when I get him near the edge, we should be good to go. He should be getting horny by now. I haven’t heard a Lion weather report yet.

I’m not going to do a “just because” spanking to make up for Thursday’s missed spanking. It’s too close to Monday now. I can add a few minutes if I care to, but I’m not sure I will. I guess you could argue that Lion must have done something to deserve a spanking and probably even a few extra minutes. You’d probably be right. I’m sure I’ve missed things. I tell myself I’m trying to pay more attention but am I? I can do better. I need to for Lion.

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