Waxing Delayed

By the time the wax was ready yesterday, I was not. We’d both spent a few hours snoozing off and on. I was groggy and didn’t much feel like waxing. However, the wax is on now, and I’m ready to roll when it’s melted. In the meantime, I have a dog to groom and laundry to wash. It’s a busy day.

Last night I think I surprised Lion when I moved over to play. It was a little late, but, as I said, we’d snoozed, so we were awake. He’d reported the Lion weather was summery, so I needed to take advantage of it. And I’m happy to say I was able to. For a bit, at least.

I started off with my hand, and I might have gone longer, but I seemed to hit a plateau. I don’t think he gets as excited with my hand as he used to. What if he reaches a point where he doesn’t get as excited by my mouth? I’ll be in trouble then. Maybe that will signal the end of his wanting sex. I get we’ll both be in trouble if that’s true. I don’t see that happening any time soon, so we’re good.

We were going along fine. He was making his way up the mountain, and I was helping him. At some point, it seemed like he was losing it. I was about to stop, but I must have changed something because he responded again. That happened a few times. I was sure I was going to get him to the edge. And then my hand started getting numb. I must have moved just enough to restrict blood flow. I tried to move again, but it was no use. It was getting worse.

Lion was fine when I had to stop. He said I wasn’t going to let him go all the way anyway. It’s true, but I wanted to get him to the edge at least once. For the record, I thought about going all the way, but that would have messed up my waxing plans of jerking him off (probably not all the way) when he’s slathered with oil. Oil is a very nice lubricant. Messy, but nice. Lion is not usually into lubes, but I guess since he’s already greased up, he likes to take advantage of it.