How Many Spankings?

I changed the bed yesterday. Part of that change was clearing things off the bed. Now all that remains in the way is a tissue box and the TV remote. The insane puppy would love to get a hold of both. As she gets taller, less and less is safe from her reach. With so little to move, we can test out the restraints.

I’m not sure when we’ll test them. We have to run an errand tonight. And I’m not sure if Lion is even thinking about sex yet. Obviously, he’s thinking about it but is he ready to do anything about it? Bondage does have a way of getting his motor running, though. It’s quite possible that just being tied up will get the juices flowing.

Lion has reminded me about punishment day. I have to decide if I should spank him tonight. He thinks two nights a week is too much. Maybe it is but shouldn’t we make sure? I don’t think I’ve ever done more than one “just because” spanking in a week. I know I’ve punished him twice in a very short period of time. Of course, punishments should be given when necessary, no matter how close together they are. If he can’t do the time, he shouldn’t do the crime. “Just because” spanking is different. There’s no real reason to spank him. It’s just to keep us both in practice. How much practice do we need?

The short answer is that we may need a lot. It all depends on how good Lion is. Actually, it all depends on how good I am at catching him misbehaving. I know he’s been slipping up. Well, he’s been annoying me. I haven’t said anything because spanking takes energy, and I’ve been really tired. I slept a lot over the weekend, so you’d think I’d be full of energy today. Nope. I almost fell asleep at my desk. But now I’ve gotten my second wind. The point is, if I’d punish him when he pisses me off, it would help both of us. So no “just because” spanking tonight. I will be keeping my eyes open for spankable moments.

I’m sure Lion will long for the days of “just because” spankings when he gets more than two punishment spankings per week.