On The Twelfth Day Of Chastity, My True Love Gave To Me – One Honking Big Orgasm!

After a twelve-day wait, Mrs. Lion got me off. I was a little surprised when she did. I figured that she was going to tease me for a while longer. I’m not complaining. It was big fun. In her post yesterday (“Change of Plans“), she said that she didn’t use the restraints she bought from Amazon (“Letting a Secret Slip“) because we have so much stuff on the bed. I can fix that! It’s a shame to see that investment go to waste.

I’m learning a lot about writing. Between my research and actually work on a new book, I’ve made some (to me) startling discoveries. The most amazing one is that no author gets more than an outline in the first draft. Any richness and character development are added during revisions. Sol Stein pointed that out in chapter one of his book, Stein on Writing. It didn’t sink in until I saw how things changed as I went from draft to draft.

I’ve been using a writers’ critique site. You can put a chapter up, and then other writers will offer feedback. All of the feedback tends to be in the form of line editing. This is when the editor goes through each line and suggests changes. Line editing is incredibly expensive, so this mutual editing is very nice. I have to edit to earn points that allow me to submit my work. I’m enjoying the process. I don’t have a very big ego in terms of my own writing. The feedback is really helpful. It’s also helpful for me to see how I stack up against other writers. I think I’m pretty good. I can also see why 99+% of writing isn’t published.

It’s taking me a long time to write the current book. It isn’t a romance novel. I’m not sure what it is. Hopefully, it’s something that will get me published. Anyway, writing fiction takes a lot out of me. Bear with me if my posts aren’t as interesting.

Speaking of interesting, have you ever wondered how much of what the sex bloggers write is real? It seems that blogs in the kink arena tend to be more fantasy than fact. I hesitate to use any names, but let’s say that many of the blogs that talk about long-suffering husbands who spend their lives in panties and little-girl dresses are fiction. They tend to be written from the dominant female point of view. It’s a dead giveaway that the writers are male when the focus is so heavily on penis activity.

Oops, that could be us, couldn’t it? Mrs. Lion does focus on my nether region. That’s because our kink is heavily penis-related activities. We’re real. You can hear an interview with us here. I do my best to curate the list of blogs we recommend. I am quite sure they are as advertised.

I expect that things will be quiet here for the next few days. Mrs. Lion usually skips sexual activities right after she makes me ejaculate. If she plans on a “just because” spanking tonight, I suppose you will hear about that. Otherwise, we’ll probably drift a bit in our subject matter.