Mentally Monogamous

Yesterday, I wrote a post discussing what appear to be changes I have made as a result of my enforced chastity. Mrs. Lion’s post expressed concern that I am changing at all. I can understand that. After all, Mrs. Lion signed up to do all this because it makes my kinky soul happy. The idea that I am experiencing irreversible changes under her watch is a serious responsibility. The changes represent desired results in the context of enforced chastity/FLR* doesn’t change the feelings of guilt that might result from reducing my ability to enjoy sex.

Her post got me thinking. Am I really changing? If we stopped orgasm control today, would my physical responses remain focused only on her? I don’t think so. People who have been in chastity devices for many years report being able to add or change sexual partners without difficulty. Mammals and humans, in particular, are sexually opportunistic. If a potential sexual partner is available, we get more interested in sex. If no partners are available, we lose some of our interest. You may be wondering how masturbation fits into this generalization. Many males, me in particular, find that masturbation stops feeling very good without external stimulation; physical or mental.

What I have recently discovered is that I can be mentally monogamous. I’ve been physically monogamous as long as I have been with Mrs. Lion. I haven’t even considered straying. But I have enjoyed looking at women and occasionally, some porn. Before my lockup when we were having no sex, I used some porn to turn me on for masturbation. I still like looking at pretty women and even some porn. But I don’t physically react to the porn and I can honestly say I don’t imagine having sex with the women I see. I know Mrs. Lion doesn’t mind if I am mentally aroused by other females. I’ve never felt guilty about non-physical arousal or masturbating.

Things changed since January 2014 when Mrs. Lion locked me. Obviously, I could no longer masturbate. Further, Mrs. Lion made it clear that locked or not, I was not allowed to get myself off. The chastity device was in place to assure I wouldn’t. I could still look at girls and porn. I did, of course. After about nine months when reviewing some porn to find a video for this site, I realized that I wasn’t physically responding to things that used to get me straining the bars of my cage. The tease and deny video on this site always got me a chubby. Recently, I changed the way we present it. This required me to reprocess the video. I watched it as it was converted. No chubby. I still love it, but no physical reaction.  That’s was my first hint that something changed.

I think the fact that this change just happened without my knowledge is what concerns Mrs. Lion. She never intended me to refocus all my sexual interest on her exclusively. Based on what she wrote, I think she fears that she has taken away a pleasure I never asked to lose. I’m not upset at this development. After all, isn’t this the way I’m supposed to be?

When I wrote that another woman couldn’t get me off, I think I was exaggerating. If Mrs. Lion did offer a pinch hitter, I am positive she would have no trouble making me hard and if she wanted, orgasm. I don’t think I will ever lose that capability. So, the cage assures no other lioness can gain access to my penis. My commitment to Mrs. Lion guarantees I’m not going to look for one. If any other lioness gets between my legs, it will be at Mrs. Lion’s request. She hasn’t shown any inclination to expand our pride. For that matter, neither have I.