Options, Lots Of Options

Mrs. Lion is trying very hard to restart my libido. On Thursday night, she did a very good job and got me within inches of a desperately wanted orgasm. I was convinced she was going to take me all the way. After all, it was eleven days since I ejaculated. I didn’t think I was getting very close for a while, but I underestimated my lioness. I was panting and making little lion-in-heat noises before long. I was winding up and ready to pitch.

Then she stopped. She just stopped and kissed the head of my penis. She announced that was all. That was all? Mean lioness! When I caught my breath, I sighed heavily and moved back to my side of the bed. Poor me! Grrrr. As she is fond of pointing out, there’s always tomorrow. Apparently, no, there isn’t. In her post yesterday, she announced that 4.0 has no intention of letting me off that easy. I have a while to wait before semen is appearing. Fortunately for me, delayed ejaculation isn’t fatal. If it were, there would be a lot of dead male chastity guys.

Now that the pump is primed, maybe a hand job will start to work again. It’s been a while since I’ve responded to Mrs. Lion’s manual stimulation. Maybe a different, er, approach would work. It might have more to do with her position than anything else. Also, I am very sure that I need to be outside of the covers. Dunno. She has options. When it comes to edging, masturbation is easier than oral, I think.

I agree with Mrs. Lion that it would be pointless for me to give her orgasms if all they do is annoy her. She has to enjoy them for me to have fun delivering. She wrote about our earlier face-sitting sessions. She said that she didn’t like that I wanted her not to stimulate me while eating her. There’s a good reason why. It’s hard for me to maintain my focus with such a massively distracting activity going on. When it comes to sex, I am a monotasker.

Maybe some handjob/masturbation experiments are in order. There are a lot of variations possible with and without lube. There’s also the oft-neglected anal play. I’m not prescribing activities; just suggesting that there are options, lots of options.

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  1. There are always options. The main thing is not to be lazy to try them.

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