I Want to Keep Him Frustrated

It has been somewhat difficult lately to get Lion’s motor running. It’s partly my fault. Since I don’t want sex for myself, I guess it makes it less exciting for him. The truth is, we never really had much foreplay. I’d spank him or tie him up or whatever and once he was ready, I’d ride him or suck him. It’s very similar to the way it is now. It’s not like we ever did any role playing or rose petals on the bed. Every so often, he’d roll over and finger me or lick me instead of me playing with him. I have to say, it always bothered me that he wouldn’t let me reciprocate. For example, if I was over him and he was licking me, he didn’t want me to suck him. It never seemed fair. I wanted something to play with too.

I’m not sure what I can do to make things better. I feel bad that he’s not as turned on. I thought about “letting” him give me orgasms just to keep him interested, but I think that would annoy me. He worries about my doing things he thinks I don’t want to do but wants me to have orgasms I don’t really care about. I’d much rather play with him and give him what he needs. I just have to figure out a way to convince him he’s not taking advantage of me.

After I was done sucking him last night, he said he was sure I was going to give him an orgasm. Nope. I want him to beg for it. I know he won’t actually beg, but I want him to sweat it out. I want him to be so frustrated he can’t stand it any more. I’ve been too easy on him lately. He takes a long time to get horny and a long time to get to the edge and what do I do? I give in at the first sign of an impending orgasm. No more. He wants 4.0 around for punishment. He’s going to get her for play too. (Did you just hear him gasp?)

I think he’s definitely due for a longer wait. He needs to be super horny again before I’ll give him an orgasm. He’s gotten soft in more ways than one. 4.0 can cure that.

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  1. I have requested that my wife control and significantly limit my orgasms. I try very hard not to cum when she does not want me to.
    She recently said that she wants me to ask or even beg to cum, just so she can deny me. I just love the thought of her exercising that control over me. On the other hand, she can “make” me cum when I am trying so hard to not let go.

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