Innies And Outies

When you hear references to “innies” and “outies,” you, like me, probably think of belly buttons. I’ve never had an opinion about whether one or the other is more attractive. Now, with the widespread practice of pubic hair removal, these terms have a new meaning. A shaved woman displays her genitals without the cloaking of pubic hair. Some appear completely smooth with a, excuse the term, slit on display. Others with larger inner labia now show them protruding. They are referred to as “outies.” (click to see innie, outie)

I’ve never given this anatomical difference any thought. My interest is in what’s inside that opening. Over my lifetime, I’ve experienced both types. I can’t tell you which partners had either. I don’t even know whether Mrs. Lion is an innie or outie. I think she is an outie. I’ll have to check. The only time I’ve noticed is when I look at the occasional image of a naked woman I run across on Twitter. Even then, I didn’t think much about it until I read someone refers to this difference.

Almost all of the nubile models in those pictures are “innies.” I imagine some people will immediately jump to the conclusion that men prefer innies because the women look like young girls and the men are closet pedophiles. I don’t see it this way. It’s just another aesthetic value. It’s only been so obvious since many women make their innies or outies obvious by removing pubic hair. I never considered this something I needed to care about. I wonder if women are sensitive about this difference.

Male genitals are obvious with or without pubic hair. We have “cut” (circumcised) and “uncut” penises. Some American uncircumcised men are sensitive about their penises. The vast majority of Americans, including me, are circumcised. When my son was born, my ex-wife and I discussed circumcision. I was neutral on the subject. My wife wanted him circumcised because it would make him look like his dad (me). She thought it might negatively impact him if his penis looked different than mine. Fair enough.

Another male difference is how balls hang. All males will have low-hanging balls when they are warm and tight when cold. The scrotum is lined with a thin layer of muscle that can contract or expand. This ability allows temperature control of the testes inside. Sperm is temperature-sensitive. They are happiest at a temperature a bit below 98.6F. That may be why they are external. Some men have low-hanging balls naturally. Others are held close to the body.

I’ve had partners who prefer tight balls and others, like Mrs. Lion, who prefer them low. Some women like to use ball stretchers to encourage the balls to hang even lower temporarily. So far, Mrs. Lion hasn’t done that with me even though we have the necessary equipment. It is an interesting sensation to spend a day with weighted balls swinging when I walk.

All of this is a matter of personal preference. I prefer hairless genitals. I like both outies and innies. Both are very sexy to me. I’m not sexually interested in men. I am happy I’m circumcised. I wish that my balls didn’t hang down so low, but I’m happy Mrs. Lion likes it, and I encourage her to stretch them if she finds that fun and sexy.


  1. I am a lover of outies. lol. I also prefer shaved—either bare or a nice landing strip. I know you weren’t asking for our opinions, but mine fell out of my pocket onto this page…

    1. Author

      I love getting your opinion! I prefer innies, fully shaved, at least for pictures. I prefer any configuration fully shaved for sex 🙂

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