Day 13 (spanking) and day 8 (orgasm) went by with no activity. It wasn’t because Mrs. Lion was lazy. We had errands to run. We went to Costco. While Mrs. Lion picked up needed stuff, I got fitted for a pair of computer glasses. We finished almost at the same time. We went through the Burger King drive-through and ate dinner in our car. After that, we picked up prescriptions and some food at Safeway.

It was good to get out of the house. I had been cooped up, naked, of course, for over two weeks. If I am chilly, I sometimes wear a t-shirt, but that’s it. This has been the case since we started living together over fifteen years ago. It saves on laundry and provides a continuous reminder of who is in charge. After all these years, we don’t need much reminding. At least you would think we don’t. I think we do.

The nudity started as both a reminder and a convenience. The reminder was that I am the bottom here. The convenience is that my butt is always exposed and available for correction as needed. This sounds good in theory, but Mrs. Lion doesn’t follow me around with a paddle. Spankings are events we both prepare for. Still, the clear symbolism is there. It takes no energy for her to observe and make sure I keep those clothes off.

Time isn’t a friend when it comes to an ongoing BDSM/male chastity/domestic discipline relationship. Once the novelty wears off, supporting these things can become background noise for Mrs. Lion. Topping me and enforcing behavioral rules is an energy drain. It isn’t fun for her any more than setting up the coffee pot is for me. It was my hope we could avoid this pitfall by developing habits that make our power exchange a part of our lives that goes on without much thinking.

Sure, spanking me takes energy. Getting spanked is very painful and unpleasant. That’s obvious. In a home that practices corporal punishment for kids, spanking is a natural incentive for good behavior. The parents have a lifelong association going back to their childhoods that naughty behavior is punished promptly with a spanking. Since neither of us comes from that background, I knew it would be an uphill fight to impart these habits in us. Mrs. Lion has done a very good job with this. Her challenge isn’t spanking me. It’s allowing herself to punish me for pissing her off. She says she doesn’t want to be unfair and spank me when her feelings aren’t entirely my fault.

I understand her reluctance. As I see it, two factors probably get in her way: The first is that she doesn’t want to punish me while she is angry. She worries she might be too harsh. The second derives from the first. Once she cools off, I think she rationalizes away her need to punish me. She seems to lose her taste for blaming me as time goes by. She has said this in different words.

I have a suggestion. Since we are home so much of our time together, perhaps Mrs. Lion can strike while the iron is hot. If she feels the need to growl at me, I suggest she use that as a signal to get out a paddle and use it. Yes, she will be angry. I don’t think that is a risk for me. She is a rational, loving woman. She won’t lose control of herself. I may end up with more bruises, but we know that is not a bad thing. Over the years, we have both learned that more severe spankings yield better learning on my part.

I need your help

I’m working on my second novel. I got some very constructive suggestions about how to improve my writing. One of them is to assemble “beta readers,” people who will read the manuscript and give me feedback. This is very helpful. My target audience is mostly women. So I need some female beta readers as well as males. Does this interest you? If it does, drop me a line at Contact Us. Thank you.

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