Did You Read It Yet?

There’s a running joke in my family about a vacation to Michigan. I have no idea how old I was, but apparently somewhere along the line I said, “When are we ever going to get to Michigan?” I probably only said it once, but that didn’t stop my family from harping on it. Movies and television have found similar humor in “Are we there yet?” Another joke comes from someone asking for something and being told “not yet”, to which they, non-stop, ask “How about now?”

I bring this up today because Lion told me he’d put a post in. I said I’d read it when I got home. No problem. He was on the phone when I walked in the door so I settled in to read his post. Mid way through, he got off the phone and announced he was hungry. I stopped reading to get lunch. Just after lunch, (we were watching TV) he asked if I read his post. I told him what happened. I was playing a game on my iPad when he asked again. Good freaking grief! I went to my computer to read it. Ironically, it’s about punishment.

Unbeknownst to Lion, I’d decided tonight would be a just because spanking. I think I’ve only really played with him once since his last orgasm. The first few days are his recovery period. Since then he’s been tired or not interested. I sucked him one night. He didn’t feel like doing anything Wednesday night. Thursday, we went to Costco and ran other errands. I thought a spanking might help us get centered again. Between waiting for him to go to Costco and today’s “did you read it yet?”, I’m changing it to a punishment spanking.

Obviously, nothing really changes. A just because spanking is no different from a punishment spanking in severity. I assume the difference is the mindset behind it for both of us. Lion knows he did something wrong and now he can anticipate it. I feel like I’m doing something about his annoying me. Win-win, although I’m not sure Lion agrees with that assessment. However, he’s not really in any position to argue. At least he won’t be later.

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  1. He probably wrote something important for him and wanted you to read and react somehow.

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