Have We Jumped The Shark?*

Thanks to Hulu and other streaming services, it’s possible to go back and watch TV series from the beginning. We’ve been doing this with some of our favorites. One of the longest-running TV shows is “Law and Order SVU.” We’ve watched it steadily over the years. We went back and watched the show from the beginning. Holy shit! The first two seasons are amazing. The stories are incredible. The acting is wonderful. As time went by, the scripts became less and less exciting. The actors often phoned in their roles. Don’t get me wrong. The shows are still good. But they are mere shadows of the earlier episodes. I suppose every series eventually jumps the shark.*

We are less than 100 posts from our 5,000th. I wonder if we aren’t also fading away. Our lives aren’t filled with dramatic new episodes every day. Our posts often cover ground we wrote about in the past. Very few blogs have this many posts. Mrs. Lion and I are aware that our content is relatively tame compared with our writing several years ago. Maybe we should retire or perhaps write less.

We’ve discussed our options. Both of us still want to write nearly every day. It adds something to our lives when we share in real-time. Unlike some other bloggers, we don’t analyze reader statistics to determine which topics draw the most readers. I note how many people visit our site. That number varies within a fairly small range. Lately, it appears that spanking posts draw more visitors. In the past, chastity and sex seemed to be our main attraction.

Since we have nothing to sell other than my book, it doesn’t matter how many people visit. I value the comments and mentions on other blogs the most. I’ve learned from readers. When you take the time to talk to us, there is a real sense of satisfaction. A few people comment on every post. While we don’t respond to everyone, we both appreciate the insights we get.

If there is value in what we write,  I think it is the chance to follow us as we evolve in our particular kinks. Since we write daily, watching us make mistakes, learn lessons, and grow as a couple is possible. It also gives us a chance to share what we have learned. It isn’t that we have found the ideal path to happiness. We’re happy together. We were before we started and I hope that we stay this way for life.

I’m not sure how we will mark our 5,000th post. It is a major milestone in the world of blogging. It’s also notable in that it represents nearly eight years of our sexual history. Our every orgasm, spanking, and sexual activity is documented here. Nothing has been omitted. We’ve documented all of our failures and frustrations as well as triumphs and joys. This is unique.

I think the most interesting aspect of all this blogging is the ability to watch our evolution. We’ve gone from barely-felt spankings to true adult discipline. I’ve been trained to wait as long as Mrs. Lion wants until I get to ejaculate. She has full control. We are a male chastity poster couple. Mrs. Lion has evolved into a disciplinary wife who delivers domestic discipline. Over the last couple of months, I’ve sometimes written my daily posts while sitting on a sore bottom.

We decided to add male chastity and domestic discipline to our marriage. We also decided to create a blog to document our progress. I’m very proud to say that we have done that. We face significant obstacles, and we have worked hard to overcome them. I hope our blog hasn’t jumped the shark. We have a lot more living to do.

*Jump the shark is an expression that refers to the point in a television show’s history when it loses its way. The expression comes from an episode of “Happy Days” when the Fonz does a water-ski jump over a shark. The series never recovered after that episode.


  1. I think we are all suffering from a little COVID depression.

    1. Author

      I can’t deny that the virus has hurt us. My job is still gone. However, Mrs. Lion and I aren’t very social so we don’t really mind the isolation if we notice it at all.

  2. More importantly, the new Law and Order with Stabler seems pretty good, but you didn’t mention the rapid decline of Mom or her Modern Family was almost impossible to watch the last few years – but, keep writing, enjoy your writing, you teach lessons to various people at various times in their lives so you never know who you really touch. I actually really like that you write really for the two of you and the rest is just gravy.

    1. Author

      I like the new “Law and Order”. I loved “Mom” until Anna Faris left. OK, I have a little crush on her. What a cute tush! I truly wish we could understand how we influence people who read our blog. While we report on our lives, we truly want to help.

      1. Anna Farris is awesome, a very funny actress who has unfortunately taken a lot of unfortunate roles. She’s perfect in Observe & Report, one of my all time favourite movies, and steals the show playing an unstable version of herself in Keanu.

        I’ve only recently discovered your blog but it’s clearly something special. As long as you enjoy it I wouldn’t worry about covering old material. I tend to be a completionist, sometime it’s hard for me to pick something up in the middle. I like comics but I’d never buy single issues, I like a trade paperback with a beginning and end. I’ve read some excellent Batmam stories, but I’m not going to start in 1939 and work my way forward! I never understood how long running soap operas pick up new viewers, especially before the internet was there to look up backstory.

        My point is that every post is going to be someone’s first exposure to you anyway, and you make it easy to find out more about you. Mrs Lion was talking about clothes pins recently, I was inquisitive and there was a link to an old article with more detail. Perfect. Readers appreciate you’re blogging about your lives and therefore certain things will get brought up more than once. I don’t criticise Rick & Morty for not being more candid about their sex lives, I won’t criticise you and Mrs Lion for not having implausible and exciting sci-fi adventures.

        1. Author

          Thanks for the good feelings. I figure that people can join a long-running serial at any time because, if the writing is good, there is enough buried exposition to catch up a new viewer.
          We try to do the same. I’ve never seen “Observe & Report” and Keanu. I will make a point viewing them. Thanks for the lead.

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