Lion Will Make Me A Creamy Appetizer — For Real, This Time

Poor Lion. This time I mean it. I’m not making fun of him for being horny or for asking for punishment when I know he doesn’t really want punishment. Oh, he wants it, but he doesn’t want it at the time. Anyway, he’s poor Lion because I haven’t been able to edge him sufficiently lately.

I had every intention of giving him an orgasm last night. He was snoozing before dinner so I delayed my shower in order to play with him early-ish. I don’t think I ate all that much but I was still full and I knew I couldn’t suck him. I pulled out some clothespins (regular ones, no frills) and applied them in a stripe. I got him hard and kept playing with him while I pulled on the clothespins and eventually removed some of them one by one. He was hard but I knew he wasn’t going to get very far because of my position next to him. I was just too uncomfortable to move.

Eventually I had to stop. He wasn’t getting any further and I didn’t think he would unless I could figure out how to hit the good spots. I was tempted to suck him anyway, but I knew that would be a huge mistake. I told Lion I couldn’t continue. I need to make it up to him. There have been too many miscues lately. Most of them have been my fault. First I was trying to stop taking my anxiety drug, dealing with the withdrawal and now I haven’t been feeling well. For all I know, it’s my body reacting to stopping the medication and restarting. It must be confused. Wait a minute. We just got rid of this crap and here it comes again.

Tonight, I am determined to give him an orgasm before dinner. Rest up, Lion. We’re playing early. Snooze before I get home so you’re ready. Fair warning. Relief is in sight. I’m looking forward to a creamy appetizer.

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  1. He probably read this post and is already getting ready to have fun.

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