More Sucking Needed

I have a freshly orgasmed Lion. Well, he’s a little stale. It’s been almost 24 hours. He waited eleven days, which doesn’t seem like a long time, but we had some challenges this time around. I hope that’s behind us now and things will settle down.

I do have one issue, however. I’ve mentioned before that Lion tends to move his hips as he gets closer to the edge. I guess it’s a glass half empty sort of thing. I get a little indication that he’s getting closer. But I also get a change in angle of his penis in my mouth. I thought I was far enough up last night. I even readjusted to make sure. Either I slid down or he moved even more than other times. It’s not a huge deal, but it does add some stress to my neck and whether my teeth stay behind my lips. I’d think the teeth thing would be of particular concern to him. Who wants to get bitten during oral sex? I know. There are probably people out there who do. I’m willing to bet Lion isn’t one of them.

Once I noticed him doing it a few weeks ago, I solved the problem by holding his balls. If I’m pulling down, he’s less likely to move up. I thought this was a brilliant fix. The problem is that I don’t always want to pull on his balls. Sometimes I like to tickle them. Sometimes I like to move my finger around like I’m heading for his asshole. Both might increase his squirming.

I have no idea why he’d suddenly start doing it. Or did he suddenly start doing it? Maybe he’s been doing it all along and I’ve just noticed it now. Did I change something that makes what he’s doing more pronounced? Clearly, more information is needed. I guess he’ll have to let me suck him more. Poor thing. I’m sure he hates being the subject of my experiments. (Did I roll my eyes out loud?)