Old Blogs Never Die. They Just…

We just finished watching both seasons of “Hacks” (HBO-Max). Mrs. Lion didn’t like it at first. It got off to a very rocky start with too much happening to people we didn’t care about. After several episodes, it improved as we developed feelings for the people in the show. Mrs. Lion and I differ in our tastes in TV. I enjoy shows like “Hacks” right from the start. She prefers more classic TV formulas. It was nice that we were both sorry there wouldn’t be more when we saw the last episode.

One big difference between made-for-streaming and broadcast television is that many streaming series plan to end after a certain number of episodes. Classic TV is based on drawing out the franchises as long as possible. “Law and Order SVU” is well into its third decade. “Hacks”  wrapped up all of the loose ends in the last episode. You may be wondering what this has to do with us and the major themes of this blog. I think it’s relevant when you look at the lifecycle of our website.

Our blog is about a fairly narrow range of subjects; all centered on our sexual kinks. Yes, I am counting domestic discipline as sexual. I’ve explained why I feel that is true in recent posts, like this one. Our blog is an ongoing series of our adventures. Unlike “Hacks,” we don’t know how the loose ends will be tied up. There are a few possibilities.

One is that we will keep up orgasm control until I no longer want sex and domestic discipline until one of us dies (probably me). We may or may not continue blogging about our lives until then. A second possibility is that one or both of us will get tired of our power exchanges, and we will just stop. In that case, we certainly won’t blog. The most likely is that eventually, I will lose interest in sex, and we will adapt and continue in different ways. Whether or not we keep writing about it depends on how much we feel we get out of blogging.

Since we are in our ninth year of twice-daily posts, it’s safe to assume that we like writing here. We are only a few hundred posts shy of 6,000. With the exception of major news websites, we are one of the largest blogs out there. I imagine that at some point, we will write less frequently. Like SVU, we won’t have a logical ending. Our ratings (readership) will drop until it isn’t worth writing, or we will run out of things to write about. That’s what seems to happen to most blogs.

We added a little twist to our series. We have our posts converted into podcasts. Our new post is available as a podcast within minutes of going live here. It’s in almost every podcast provider’s library. There is no way to know how many people listen every day. I guess that we have about as many listeners as we do readers. I like that.

It seems that people see our blog as “news” rather than an opportunity to share their feelings and reactions. We average about one comment per post. I wish we could get the kind of responses that other bloggers get from their readers. I’m not sure why this happens. One guess is that our posts are more like diary entries than invitations to discuss topics. Another is that we seem uninterested in comments. We are interested and love them.

I realize that this post isn’t likely to be what most of our readers want to find here. Yell at me in the comments section!


  1. It could be that daily posts can discourage comments, though posts still need to be regular. A blog like Hermione’s Heart that posts each and every week on the same day each week is probably on the right track. My high point for comments was when I was sticking to a weekly schedule. When it became less predictable–whether more or less than weekly–readership engagement dropped.

    1. Author

      When I started this blog, I wanted to be like the old-fashioned newspapers: a morning and an evening edition every day, seven days a week. We have kept this up with few exceptions. My posts generally go live at 8AM Eastern (5AM Pacific). My wife’s posts generally go live at 5PM Eastern (2PM Pacific) every day. We have a nearly perfect record. It has been my belief that regular, predictable posts increase loyalty. Apparently, it doesn’t stimulate comments. My guess is that we are seen more as a news source. Also, a large fraction of our readers go to our static content rather than the blog. We have over 40 pages of information about male chastity, spanking, and domestic discipline that get a lot of search engine traffic. If you Google “Disciplinary Wives Club” we come up in the top five results.

  2. Seems like many blogs I have followed over the years just stop posting. I know it does take considerable effort and I commend you and Mrs. Lion for your dedication.
    My blog was a diary type with posts after memorable (sexual) events in our lifestyle. I figured that someday those things would not be happening anymore and at least I could read about them. Fortunately we continue to have some amazing sexual experiences, just much less frequent.
    I have gotten very lax about writing about them. Another blog fading into the mist?

    1. Author

      It’s too bad that you let things go. There isn’t much incentive to keep writing. You’d probably be surprised how many people want to see how things turn out.

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