Let’s Hold A Telethon For Me

Sex is back, at least on the blog. It’s not back in the bedroom. Mrs. Lion has been having a very hard time lately. She figures it’s due to dropping an antianxiety medication. I hope that’s the case. I’m worried it is something else. Regardless (did you know that “irregardless” is now considered a word? Yuck!) of the reason, she hasn’t been able to provide any sexual entertainment for me. I know that bothers her. I understand, and I think it bothers me a lot less than her.

I’m lucky that she enjoys teasing me and getting me off. Many, if not most, women who lose their libidos also lose interest in sex for their mates as well. Mrs. Lion cares enough to make sure I’m sexually satisfied (or frustrated). Until very recently, she hasn’t mentioned me masturbating as a work-around. I’m thankful for that. Some women in my past had asked me to do it when they weren’t in the mood to have any kind of sex. When I approached them, they would say, “Not tonight, but I’ll help you.” That meant I jerk off, and she tickles my balls. A steady diet of that went a long way to convince me that I didn’t need “help” or the woman providing it. Once in a while, it was fun.

I think that too many women believe that men are just as happy jerking off as they are getting a hand job. The hand job is the least interactive two-person sexual activity. At least that’s how I look at it. If I were to rank sexual activity in order of ascending intimacy, it would be masturbating, hand job, vaginal intercourse, anal intercourse, and oral sex. Oral sex is the most intimate, in my view. I know you can’t get pregnant sucking a cock, but whether or not pregnancy might result is not a measure of intimacy.

Oral sex is most intimate because it involves all of the senses. A hand job is literally delivered at arms-length. Vaginal sex is also geographically isolated from all senses outside of the vagina, which is designed to enjoy a penis inside. Anal sex is more intimate than vaginal because there is an almost guaranteed quantity of discomfort. Oral is the most intimate because all senses are involved. The nose and mouth are right there between my legs. There will be taste involved with ejaculation. Fortunately, Mrs. Lion likes how semen tastes. There can be a smell, of course. There is also no direct sexual stimulation to the woman performing it.

Degre of intimacy doesn’t necessarily determine what I like best. Generally speaking, I love oral sex. It’s always been my favorite. I truly enjoy vaginal and anal too. Hand jobs are nice, but maybe I’ve had too many since we started chastity. I haven’t masturbated since December 2013. I was never a giant fan and always did it when I just wanted to get off.

Getting oral sex always feels like a gift to me. I know that while Mrs. Lion might enjoy sucking my cock, there is no sexual payoff for her. Since she lost her libido, any sex she provides is purely altruistic. I’m her favorite charity. I don’t particularly like that. However, I love her “donations.”

[Mrs. Lion — I don’t consider it charity. If I was on the bottom and just a receptacle for Lion, then it would be charity. Good thing the 1950s are over.]

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  1. If she doesn’t need sex or is not interested, then of course it’s charity.

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