Sex And Spanking: Use It Or Lose It

Most of the time, I learn about Mrs. Lion’s plans for me here in the blog. She seems to prefer communicating publicly. You learn about what’s next for me at the same time I do. I suppose there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just a little odd that her most intimate communications are written here where everyone can see them. Our sex life is public.

In general, that works for me. It’s better than silence. When Mrs. Lioln wasn’t providing coming attractions here, she wasn’t saying anything to me in private either. It’s very sexy when she tells me what she is going to do to me. It’s more arousing when she tells me before she tells you. She’s been very reluctant to say, or write, too much. She doesn’t want to promise something she won’t be able to deliver. For example, she wrote that I needed a “just because” spanking and/or an orgasm. She was too tired to deliver either. Of course, the possible orgasm being missed was disappointing. It was also completely understandable. I’m not upset.

I am most certainly fine about missing the spanking. I recognize that I need them for both punishments and as a reminder to behave. It doesn’t mean I have to like them. I don’t. I also have to admit that after a ten-minute spanking, I will have sore spots for three or four days. Every time I sit down, I’m reminded that it would be truly horrible to get a fresh spanking on my sore bottom. I know that Lioness 4.0 has no problem at all spanking an already-sore bottom.

I don’t think she plans the interval between “just because” spankings. She delivers them when she decides it’s time. I suppose she can gauge their effectiveness by noting whether I need correction between them. It makes sense that these preventative spankings’ purpose is to keep me aware of the consequences of being naughty. I have to admit that my memory of just how much I hate being punished fades over time. I don’t forget, but concern about being punished stops being front of mind.

The need for regular spanking is no different than the need for ejaculation. Both are basic forms of attention provided by my lioness. They have different purposes, of course, but the reason to deliver them regularly is the same. Both reinforce her role. We learned by experience that if she doesn’t spank me regularly, she will also stop observing and punishing offenses. That’s a key benefit for her. Keeping the time between spankings relatively short not only keeps me on my best behavior but also reminds her of her role as my disciplining wife.

Sex is no different. I love and need regular sexual activity. Most of the time, it’s teasing. I’ve been trained not to expect orgasm every time she stimulates my penis. I know that eventually, she will let me ejaculate—failure to provide regular teasing results in “forgetting” sex.  Since Mrs. Lion isn’t interested in sex for herself, not providing regular activity will cause her to forget I need it. She has no internal pressure to have sex. That means providing sex for me is a habit the same as including spanking in our marriage. Use it or lose it.


  1. It’s good that you have such a source of information. So you know everything in advance and understand what you need to prepare for. Otherwise, she could not say something, or forget to say, or not want to say ..

    1. Author

      Anticipation is big fun.

  2. I think sometimes the expectation of punishment is worse than the punishment itself.

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