Lion’s love potion.

I’ve heard a lot of Lion escapades over the years. I knew he had a drop dead gorgeous girlfriend in college who wouldn’t do much with him. I knew he’d done his fair share of plying girls with Harvey Wallbangers to have sex. But I never heard about Irma.

I usually just shake my head when he reminisces about past conquests. Apparently there was a steady stream of girls as long as he had Harvey Wallbanger fixings. I don’t even know what goes into one. [Lion — Orange juice, Vodka and Galliano. Yum!] And he’s been spanked by this woman or he’s spanked that woman. I’m sure there are others I have never heard of, but you’d think his first sexual partner of any sort would have come up by now.

Clearly he was a fan.

The interesting thing I took away from his post about Irma (I’m just busting his balls now), is that he likes blow jobs more than vaginal sex. All this time I thought he liked vaginal the best. I guess I learned two things when I previewed his post yesterday. For the record, I’m not a jealous person. At least I don’t think I am. I really am just having fun with him about the Irma omission. I could start calling it “Irmagate”. But I was surprised to learn about his thoughts on oral versus vaginal.

Ironically, I always tried to make my mouth feel like what I imagined a vagina would feel like. I realize a vagina can’t move around like a tongue can. It can’t flick across that little spot below the head. But I thought the vagina was the ultimate prize. Now I find out the work-around is better. Who knew?

I’m sure many guys, maybe even most, would beg to differ with Lion. Perhaps for them, a vagina is the way to go: team vagina versus team mouth. Given the fact that I don’t want sex for myself, I guess I’m team mouth. I’d much rather give him oral than vaginal sex. Vaginal is more work. First there’s lube. Then I have to balance myself to get him in there and then I do all the work on top.

Yup. Oral is better.

Of course, if Lion were to ask me for vaginal, I’d do it for him. It just isn’t my go to move. Recently, hand jobs were my go to move and they may actually turn out to be the go to move. But I’m having fun torturing Lion with oral right now. Although, can you really call something torture if he likes it so much? It’s true he isn’t having any orgasms and he’s only gotten to the edge a few times, but I don’t think he cares. As long as I’m sucking him, he’s a happy boy. I intend to keep him smiling.