Little Red Butt

I doubt I did what Lion expected last night. I told him I’d tease him without letting him come. However, I wasn’t clear whether that meant that I was just going to get him excited or if I was going to edge him. I also haven’t figured out what to do if he has an “unsanctioned” orgasm when I’m only trying to tease him. This last issue could have become a problem last night.

I decided to use the Magic Wand. Rather than sit on the bed cross-legged beside him, I sat on the opposite edge of the bed next to him. There was more twisting for my back, but less reaching. I was also able to do little drive-by licks and sucks along the way. It’s been a few days since we’ve played so my weenie sprang to attention when the Magic Wand hit it. Sometimes it’s hit or miss with the Magic Wand. Not last night. I was afraid Lion was going to charge right up and over the edge.

On the one hand, I’m thinking I should be happy if he has an orgasm when I’m not going for one. After all, taking away that expectation should allow him to enjoy the ride, so to speak. Without the added pressure of getting to the edge, maybe he will get there. And if he gets there, it’s only a matter of a stroke or two before he’s over the edge. Yay, right?

On the other hand, if I’ve told him I’m not going for an orgasm, he shouldn’t have one. Couldn’t his having one be equated with him deciding when he has an orgasm? That’s no good. If I spank him for not having an orgasm when I want one, shouldn’t I spank him for having one when I don’t want him to? Of course, you could argue that I’m the one driving things and I should know when he’s close. Sometimes I don’t. Sometimes even Lion doesn’t know until it’s too late. But I don’t think that matters. By saying I don’t want an orgasm, I don’t want one. It shouldn’t matter how it happened.

So there! He’ll get spanked if he has one when he shouldn’t and if he doesn’t have one when he should. That’ll fix his little red wagon. More accurately, that will fix his little red butt. [Lion — Promises, promises.]

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  1. It turns out that whatever one may say, Lion’s ass will still be spanked. But at the same time, you must explain to him why and for what reason this happened.

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