We Haven’t Found Our Way

I want to thank Collared Michael for his great post and review of Fan Mail. I love his blog and respect his opinions. A couple of small corrections to his review: I removed the spanking scenes from the story. They didn’t help the plot and probably would turn off vanilla women. Also, the cover is different. I reworked the art to be a little easier to see as a small image on Amazon. The second book in the series, Hacked, is more than half done. Writing fiction is hard work!

We have been sex-free here for quite a while. On Friday night Mrs. Lion tried to get me aroused. I don’t know what happened, but I wasn’t responding well. I imagine it’s the problem I wrote about in my post, “Sexual Charity.” I feel guilty when Mrs. Lion tries to play with my cock. It isn’t just guilt. It’s also knowing that it is work for Mrs. Lion. I have no idea how we can fix this, but all I can say is that what we are doing doesn’t feel like sex. Speaking of sex, the last time we had vaginal sex was in March 2018. On that occasion, Mrs. Lion didn’t feel turned on. She knew I wanted her to ride me. Charity.

There aren’t many ways to fix this. Obviously, if Mrs. Lion gets her libido back, we have our solution. That’s unlikely. The only other possibility I can think of is that she finds something that is fun for her to do that includes some sexual activity for me. I had hoped male chastity would provide her entertainment. It doesn’t.

BDSM is another thought I had. So far, I don’t think anything we have tried is particularly entertaining for her. It might pay for her to do some research and experimentation. Until now, I’ve been the sole source of ideas in that department. If I can convince her to do some concentrated research into things she might do to/with me that don’t involve sexual arousal, perhaps something might strike her as fun.

She enjoys catching me breaking rules. I suggested more rules so that she has more opportunities to observe and catch me. Nothing yet. She may get some pleasure out of spanking me. I know it isn’t fun for her, but maybe she could enjoy my reactions. It’s hard for me to offer any ideas. Mrs. Lion rarely lets me know what she does and doesn’t like.

This isn’t just an issue in sexual matters. Finding birthday and Christmas gifts for her is next to impossible. She says, “I don’t want anything.” She isn’t lying. Mrs. Lion has spent her life learning to avoid expectations. I’ve been unsuccessful in helping her have some. Maybe the pleasure she gets catching me break rules is progress. When she catches me, she doesn’t seem disappointed. She appears to be happy. I don’t think she is happy that I broke the rule. She won. She got me. Spanking me may also be fun in a sense she demonstrating to me that she caught me. It’s a game I’m happy to play.


  1. I am sorry you removed the spanking scenes, but maybe it will help you get readers. I’m assuming the book copy still has the spanking. So readers can purchase that if they like spanking. I’m also hoping for progress in the bdsm area with the second book. lol.
    Thanks for the shout out!

    1. Author

      Sorry to say that the paperback and Kindle editions are the same. I’m hoping that the average reader, if I ever get any, will be more comfortable without the spanking. I just don’t know the right balance to strike. Your feedback is very valuable to me. I need more reviews! 🙂

      1. I think it’s a good idea to change the cover. Most romance novels feature attractive men, women or couples on the cover. Do me a favour since you’ve removed the spanking scenes, indicate it’s a second edition.

        1. Author

          You can see the new cover here on Amazon. I’m going with a more minimalist approach. I tried to make the updated book a second edition, but I can’t. Since sales have been so tiny, it probably doesn’t matter.

          1. Well I wish you luck. Some of the people I’m friends with on the blogosphere are writers. It’s a grind to get readers. Series are the way to go apparently!

    1. Author

      Thank you.

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