I’m Owed At Least A Spanking Today

It’s Sunday afternoon. Yesterday (Saturday), Mrs. Lion put my new treadmill together. It was a difficult job that took her over an hour. I need the treadmill to keep my legs in shape. By evening, she was not feeling able to punish me. I’m still owed a spanking for not setting up the coffee pot and for pissing her off. Because she delays punishing me doesn’t mean that my spanking will be any milder. If anything, it will be more severe since she is waiting until she feels ready to do a good job.

This delay is one way that real life intrudes. Ideally, I would be punished as soon as I commit an offense. However, the fact that my spanking is delayed has little effect on its value. If Mrs. Lion forgets to punish me, it will send the message that I can get away with infractions now and then. We have learned that consistency is critical. A delayed spanking works because I knew from the moment Mrs. Lion told me that I was in trouble that I would get a sore bottom. I didn’t need it to happen then and there. I knew what was coming when Mrs. Lion decided to get around to it. That knowledge is almost as powerful as being spanked on the spot.

In rare cases, I may commit two offenses before being punished for the first. This happened last week. I forgot to set up the coffeepot, and I annoyed her. She told me I would get one spanking. I don’t remember why, but she decided that was the way she wanted to handle it. Over the years, we’ve written and discussed dealing with multiple offenses. One idea was to make the spanking more severe. That never worked. The other idea that I had was to do the punishments on successive days.  A spanking on Sunday for the coffeepot and one on Monday for annoying my lioness. She hasn’t taken a position on this. My vote, which doesn’t count, is successive days.

I’ve learned that from an educational perspective, I get the point best when things are simple. A one-offense-one-spanking system is most logical to me. Mrs. Lion hasn’t decided whether she likes this idea. In the meantime, I’m owed a spanking, which she promised to give me today. Whether I get another tomorrow is up to her.


  1. I have just had an epiphany. I think that you should just ENSURE that the coffee pot is set up so that -what sounds like a very sweet, kind and loving Mrs Lion – can enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the morning and she gets to know how much you love and appreciate her! Don’t give her a reason to administer a spanking. One should LEARN something from getting a spanking – otherwise it defeats the purpose. If Mrs Luthor informs me that I’m going to get a spanking and I protest about being good, she just says “yes sweetie, and I need to keep you that way.” You can’t argue with that logic! ?

    1. Author

      Obviously, I should. Yes, I want to make things easier for her. I also don’t want to be punished.

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