Spanking Delayed Again

There’s a meme going around Facebook that says “Who knew that the hardest part of being an adult is figuring out what to cook for dinner every single night for the rest of your life”. It’s true. It’s also true that if you have any person, animal or thing dependent on you for anything, you can’t have a day off. Ever.

I spent one or two hours putting something together yesterday. I was crawling around on the floor, in strange positions tightening bolts, using one of those this-step-is-this-picture instruction booklets. I got to the last step, which seemed largely cosmetic to me, and I couldn’t figure it out. I was willing to forget it, but Lion said it must be necessary. So I struggled for another ten minutes before I figured out how it worked. It may have some benefit other than cosmetic but they could have given a few more clues.

Between bringing the camper home on Friday and lifting and lugging and strange positions of yesterday, I put off Lion’s spanking again. I would have been perfectly happy to crawl in bed and stay there. But, see above. Lion was cooking the pork chops so that was off my plate, but I was in charge of the potatoes and asparagus. Not a big job, but still not huddled in bed under my nice weighted blanket. Even if he’d cooked the whole dinner I still would have had to bring the tray in or clean the table off so we could eat in the kitchen. Speaking of which, I know it’s been weeks but I feel like I just did a big clean up around here. It’s like things multiply to fit the space. Well, to overflow the space actually. It’s pretty frustrating.

I am happy to report that the dog has been fed, the plants have been watered, and the Lion has been fed breakfast. And now it’s time for lunch. Huh. See above.

Lion is still having trouble getting to the edge. I know his shoulder was hurting a lot so I’m sure that added to things. I told him I’d get that orgasm sooner or later. Is it bad that I may want it more than he does? I don’t know that he doesn’t want one. He may be wavering between I-want-an-orgasm-so-bad and why-the-hell-can’t-I-get-there. And that certainly doesn’t help. We’ll get there. I’m willing to keep trying as long as it feels good to Lion.

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