Get Off Your Ass, And Up His

The only “strenuous” activity I remember doing yesterday was crawling under Lion’s desk to track down which cable went from the scanner to the computer and why it wasn’t connected. It wasn’t particularly difficult. It’s not like I haven’t been on the floor multiple times over the past few days. And it didn’t even bother me at the time. I helped get the corned beef going and made sure it was at the correct heat level to accomplish a low boil. We were watching football. (I hate, hate, hate Tom Brady, by the way.) And I got a headache. I have no idea why. I managed to help with the rest of the dinner, but I was pretty wiped out.

Lion snoozed through some of the later game. It was his usual after-dinner nap. I took care of the dinner dishes late, and then we snuggled a bit. Lion wasn’t looking for love. He just wanted to be close. I was not up for spanking him. I probably should have done it earlier in the day, but I didn’t. At the rate I’m going, he’ll forget the coffee pot again before I punish him for this last time. I’m hoping I remember to do it tonight before my shower. Then he’ll be able to recover for a little bit, and we can still play.

The other day, I remembered our spanking stool. I could have Lion sit in the corner after I spank him. I wouldn’t make him sit there the whole time I was in the shower. I could set a timer and trust that he’d wait for it to go off before he left the corner. The problem I have with it is that Lion’s balance has been off. I don’t know if I want to take the chance that he’ll fall. At the very least, I should be there while he sits so I can help him if he needs it. We’ll certainly discuss it, but I think, for tonight, the stool is out.

We also haven’t revisited anal play since I shoved the small nJoy up his ass last week. I don’t know why but it seems like a lot of work. It isn’t really. Worst case, I can shove the butt plug in and leave it for a while. Training him will indeed take more effort, but we have to start somewhere. Maybe I need the training more than he does.

Step 1) Get off your ass.
Step 2) Shove something in Lion’s ass
Step 3) Move it in and out
Step 4) Repeat the next night.



  1. Everything revolves around Lion’s ass in one way or another.

    1. Interesting observation. I suppose it does.

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