I Need Coffee

This morning we woke up early despite my not needing to be at work. Actually, the dog woke us up. Apparently, she stuck her nose under the covers in Lion’s face around 6:30. She stared at me around 7. Lion asked if I was up for good or if I wanted to go back to sleep. The good thing about having days off is that it doesn’t matter when we get up. If we get tired later, we can just snooze. Lion certainly will.

I was hungry, but I can usually ignore it for a while. What I really want is a big breakfast like you’d get at iHOP. And it would taste much better if someone else made it. Since neither is possible, we decided on donuts. However, when I went into the kitchen, I saw the coffee pot in pieces in the dish drainer. Uh oh. Lion’s in trouble. Didn’t we just have this problem a little while ago?

After I started the coffee, I told Lion about his mistake. He said, “Poor, Lion.” For the first time, I countered his “poor Lion” with “poor me.” After all, I was the one who had to set it up. He might be the one on the receiving end of the paddle, but I have to do the whomping and I had the added work of the coffee pot. Poor me. Just to get coffee. What is the world coming to?

I suppose the silver lining is that he’ll be at least somewhat turned on by the spanking both before and after. That will work in my favor later when I’m trying to get him to the edge. We didn’t try anything last night. I was tired from my trip to Costco and I had to make up Lion’s pill packs. I sit awkwardly on the bed and can’t move or the bottles will fall over. I guess if I was smart, I’d do it in the kitchen where the bottles wouldn’t fall over. I never thought of that till just now. We do almost everything in the bedroom. Sometimes I wonder why we have the rest of the house.

So Lion will get his punishment. I’ll have to ramp things up a bit because he seems to have trouble with the coffee pot. He still hasn’t set up a camera to check on it. I bet that will happen later today. A Lion can’t be too careful.

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  1. Yes. The coffee pot is a problem. How to live without coffee in the morning? Looks like Lion deserves some serious punishment.

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