My Last Words

Christmas Eve is here at last. Our turkey breast is defrosting in the fridge. We have the fixings for our Christmas dinner for two. We exchanged gifts earlier. Mrs. Lion got a twelve-inch iPad and I got the smaller one from Santa Lion. We are enjoying our gifts. We upgraded our computers too. Mrs. Lion had been using an old (6 years) HP all-in-one. It was so slow that she could hardly play her SIMS game. She now has a 6-core Dell with lots of memory and a solid-state disk. My computer is the same model but over five years old. I ordered a new one similar to Mrs. Lion’s. My new one will have 8 cores, 32 GB of memory, and a 1TB solid-state disk. If you are technically inclined, all this power is needed to support Photoshop, and get this, MS Word. Word eats up resources with its auto-update feature. While writing, I get frequent stutters. Hopefully, the new box will fix that.

We don’t have a tree. We haven’t had one in years. It seems like too much trouble just for us. One thing we have that has served us very well in the pandemic is our unsociable way of life. We are both very happy with each other’s company and being quarantined is our normal way of life. Tonight, we will snuggle and, if we have any, drink some eggnog. That’s a tradition we have enjoyed since we have been together. We may miss it this year because we don’t go out unless we have to.

The best Christmas gift for me is my life with Mrs. Lion. It seems so improbable that we would have met. We came from different worlds. Thanks to a dating site we connected. I have no idea why she agreed to meet me, but she did. I had absolutely no way of knowing how incredibly well we would fit together. I’ve always been attracted to tomboys. Mrs. Lion is most certainly a tomboy. She played soccer, loves football, and doesn’t mind getting dirty. She’s also developed into a frighteningly good spanker.

We both make sure that the last words we say to each other are “I love you.” It’s a sort of superstition of mine that if I don’t wake up, those will be the last words we share. It may sound sappy, but I go to sleep each night with a smile on my face. I look forward to waking up on Christmas morning next to the most wonderful gift in the world: my sweet lioness.