We have been very boring the past few days. Between eating too much, football and the election, we haven’t done anything sexual. Lion’s tummy has been the culprit this time around. I’m ready and willing, but he hasn’t felt well enough to do anything other than snuggle or hold hands. We’ll get there.

Yesterday, I said Lion doesn’t do anything wrong like leaving his clothes all over the place. This morning, he asked if the two t-shirts on the bed were his. They were. Both of us leave shirts on the bed when we expect to reuse them. If we’re only wearing them around the house when we’re cold, they don’t really get dirty. So I joked with him that maybe he does need a rule for that. He doesn’t. The only time I need things off the bed is when I change it.

One thing I think I could institute as a rule is Lion making fun of the local news people. He thinks they’re unprofessional, especially on the weekends. Of course they are! Seattle is the 16th largest market in the country. People have to start somewhere. To combat his comments, I’ve been pointing out when the network reporters make mistakes. The so-called professionals do things wrong too. No one is perfect.

He also makes fun of people on game shows who don’t know the answers to “easy” questions. Sometimes he’ll say everyone knows that answer. When I say I didn’t know it, he seems surprised. I don’t claim to know everything. Maybe that already falls under the know-it-all rule. I should start punishing him for it.

But the news people issue needs to be a rule too. And now it is. I think his buns might be extra sore for a while until he gets used to my enforcing both these things. Poor Lion butt. (Not really.)

[Lion comments — Wait a minute! Long before meeting Mrs. Lion I worked as an audio engineer for both ABC and CBS network news. I may be a bit of a news snob. I worked with Walter Cronkite and Charles Osgood to name just two. I believe that regardless of where you work, you need to use good grammar and check your facts. The local news people are frequently embarrassingly bad. Maybe I am a New York (number 1 market) snob. It makes my blood boil to hear such horrible reporting. Oh well.]

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