Game Or Not, A Spanking Hurts

In her Post Yesterday, “Disappointing Game” Mrs. Lion wrote about the apparently trivial nature of our rules. One of our readers had commented about this wondering why we played this way. Mrs. Lion addressed the fact that we don’t have that many issues that would normally require punishment. I can count on two fingers the times I was really upset with Mrs. Lion. She and I are the rare couple who are completely compatible. It’s not that either of us is particularly patient or that we don’t lose our tempers. We don’t lose them at each other.

More significantly, domestic discipline, at least the way most of us practice it, is a combination of consensual spanking and serious efforts to correct issues. I haven’t run across any couples practicing DD who had the disciplinary partner implement punishment over the objections of her husband. It’s a fully consensual activity. In that respect, I suppose you could call it a game. It doesn’t feel like a game to me when Mrs. Lion expresses her displeasure with a paddle.

Whether the disciplined partner is male or female, he or she came into the game wanting to be spanked. Perhaps the interest in bottom beating wasn’t the primary reason for wanting DD, but it was part of it. Another significant contributor is the desire to feel control of a strong partner. I’m careful about my terminology here. I’m not suggesting BDSM or femdom. It’s more encompassing than that; at least it can be.

I’m sure if you read other bloggers practicing DD, you will find that many have elaborate contracts spelling out crimes and punishments. The ones I have read are more sexual than disciplinary. Fair enough. Ours isn’t sexual. It’s very simple: Mrs. Lion makes rules and enforces them by punishing me if I break them. She spanks me as her principal form of punishment. She and she alone decides how I am to be punished.

So far, we discuss and agree on rules. There have been a few times when Mrs. Lion has put her paw down and made a unilateral rule. The one that comes to mind is that I am not to interrupt her. Ironically, it’s the one rules she’s almost never enforced. I did not object to the rule and unnecessarily ratified it.

I don’t know if we will evolve much further. I think it would be good for our mental health if Mrs. Lion enforced rules that pertained to my behavior when I annoy her. It remains to be seen how successful we will be at this. I don’t think it matters whether other people think we are playing. Our disciplinary relationship is real to me. The spankings hurt. I work hard to avoid earning them. Whether or not the rules I am obeying are trivial or not doesn’t matter. My bottom can’t tell the difference.


  1. You are probably a harmonious couple. Therefore, your rules are not as complicated and clever as those of other couples. And in fact, I’m glad that you are doing so well in your relationship.

    1. Author

      Thank you. That’s very kind of you to say.

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