We were supposed to go away this weekend. I was not looking forward to driving for seven hours. Lion had concerns about his ability to climb in and out of the truck and camper, as well as having to drive so far to get to things we like. We’ve decided, once again, to cancel our plans. Instead, we’ll take some day trips to search for pickling cucumbers and other produce. And I’m sure we’ll find other interesting things. We usually do when we roam the countryside.

lion's pubic hairy patch
For Lion this is a lot of pubic hair. It’s enough to tickle my nose during a blow job.

Lion has also requested a haircut and manscaping. I know he needs manscaping. When I suck him, sometimes my nose gets tickled. I don’t mind. I think it’s funny. But now that he’s back in the cage, it’s more important to keep the hair trimmed or gone so it doesn’t get caught up in the cage.

The other thing I was thinking we could do, and I’m sure Lion won’t protest, is to play more. Instead of a staycation, we’ll have a playcation. Other than when we’re actually making pickles or whatever else we find to preserve, our time is completely ours. No time clocks to punch. No appointments. Just the dog going in and out and in and out. We’ll find other things to do in our downtime, but I think we should concentrate more time on play. I know Lion could use some more attention. Who couldn’t?

Not that he’s complaining. He was perfectly happy with the edging he got last night. Well, not completely happy. I bet he would have loved more. He might have even liked an orgasm. He said, and I quote, “That was intense.” Music to my ears! Keep him horny, keep him happy, cha cha cha. Maybe that could be my new motto.

I knew I didn’t want to give him an orgasm last night. First of all, it’s too soon. But since I concocted the idea of a playcation, giving him an orgasm on the first night would have been silly. He’ll be much hornier by Sunday or Monday. That’s the plan, at least. As long as I don’t push my luck and give him a ruined (or salvaged) orgasm, we’ll be good to go.

Stay tuned,


    1. Thank you! I would rather avoid the ruined orgasm.

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