Last night Lion had another erection as soon as the cage came off. I suppose it’s too soon to declare the experiment an unqualified success. At some point, he’s bound to not have an erection when the cage comes off. How sustainable could it be? Everyone has off days.

It’s nice to have him so responsive this soon after an orgasm, but that response doesn’t necessarily translate into edging. Obviously, there’s more to edging than having an erection and being horny. The mind can be willing even if the body leaves you hanging. I may have gotten him somewhat close last night. [Lion — She did.] My main goal during these early stages is to make him feel good. As long as it feels good and I’m not annoying him, I’ll keep going. Within reason, of course. I won’t go hours just because it feels good to him. I’ll get tired eventually. Sometimes I crap out before he does. Having him tell me he thinks he’s done isn’t a bad thing. We’ll just pick it up tomorrow.

As we get ready for our trip, we discussed his wearing the cage while we’re gone. He says there’s no reason he can’t wear it since it’s comfortable and he can pee straight. We have two copies of each key so I put a set on my camper key chain. Now I won’t forget them. The lion would be a bit upset if I did. He wouldn’t be unlocked for six days. I know in the male chastity world that may not seem like a long time, but it is to Lion. He may like being locked up, but he loves being unlocked and played with even more.

lion's paddle
The camper paddle that Mrs. Lion hangs in full view just inside our camper door.

I’ll also need to put the toy bag back in the camper. I think I took the paddles out so I’ll replenish those. If I forgot them, I still have the camper paddle available. We hang it just inside the door to remind Lion who rules the camper. In a pinch, I can use it to confirm that fact. It may be small, but it packs a powerful punch. I don’t usually punish him, or play with him for that matter, much when we’re camping. I’m usually tired from driving and not sleeping well. But I’m going to make more of an effort. He needs to know I’m paying attention.


  1. Love the ‘Camper Paddle’. Where can I get one?

    1. We did it ourselves.

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