The Cage is Here to Stay

It may come as no surprise that Lion is very excitable since he’s been locked up again. He was well on his way to an erection once the cage came off. Unsurprisingly, the erection didn’t progress to edging. That wasn’t the point of the experiment. I wanted to see if he’d be hornier when he was caged after an orgasm. Question answered.

Unfortunately, that means the cage is here to stay. I say “unfortunately” because I’ve grown tired of putting it on and taking it off. I thought those days were behind us. The cage is no longer needed to keep Lion from masturbating. I, stupidly, assumed that was the sole purpose of it. Well, I guess a part of me also knew it was a form of bondage, which Lion loves. For that reason alone, I should have known that the cage was still important.

I’m not done with the experiment. I still need to know if Lion’s horniness will continue as the days go on. It makes perfect sense that he wasn’t able to be edged last night. The fact that he was able to get an erection at all is amazing. I assumed his long refractory period was just a function of age. I think Lion did too. I also think he was very worried, from time to time, that he was losing his sex drive. It turns out, he just needed Mr. Weenie locked up again.

I guess it makes sense, especially in the current pandemic age. You never want to go out and do things more than when you’re under stay-at-home orders. (Not me, of course. I’m perfectly happy staying home.) When Lion is allowed to be wild, it’s no big deal. His penis is free to stretch out and enjoy life. When he’s caged, it’s a different story. Straining at the bars of the cage lets his penis know he’s trapped. Unlocking him finally allows a taste of freedom. Yes, this is all overstated. He’s usually unlocked every day. My weenie can’t possibly feel too trapped. Or can he? Getting erect as soon as he tastes freedom suggests otherwise.

I don’t know if we’ll continue with the current cage or not. It’s comfortable and allows Lion to pee without spraying everywhere, but if I know Lion, he’ll want to test out other cages. Unfortunately, we’re leaving Wednesday for a six day camping trip. Any cage is difficult on camping trips. I’m going to advocate for its removal. Lion may plead to keep it on. He’ll probably win.