Male Chastity: A Game And A Way Of Life

Male chastity is a game that is increasing in popularity. The rules are simple: The man doesn’t get to ejaculate until his keyholder (partner) allows it. That’s it. Fini! Okay, most of us expand that a bit. To help assure that the male doesn’t “cheat” and masturbate when out of sight of his keyholder, he is often locked into a male chastity device. That usually isn’t the main reason he ends up in one.

orion side view
Evotion’s Orion male chastity device. Unique in design and a dream to wear. The only device we have that allows me to reliably pee standing up.

The concept of male chastity is a — wait for it — male idea. Very few, if any women think of preventing their partners’ orgasms for any length of time. There’s a good reason for this: Women generally lose interest in sex if they don’t have any for a while. The kind of sexual urgency that most men experience isn’t duplicated in women. That’s not to say that women don’t get really horny. Of course they do. Generally, it wouldn’t occur to a woman that stopping her from having orgasms would be a fun game.

I think wearing a chastity device is sexually exciting. The idea of being forced to abstain is very hot. Add to that a keyholder who unlocks me and brings me to the edge of orgasm over and over and then locks me up again, that’s amazing. The purpose of the chastity device is to heighten the feeling of helplessness. Wearing a device that is locked over your penis preventing erection and orgasm is a real trip.

Obviously, the various penis prisons aren’t escape-proof. One way or another it’s possible to defeat even the most secure device. The idea is to make it so difficult that it isn’t worth the trouble. More realistically, we males want to be locked up. What sense would it make to defeat the device that we find so cool and exciting?

Playing this chastity game for a long time does change things. Mrs. Lion and I have been doing it since December 2013. After three years of 24/7 device wear, I was conditioned to live under Mrs. Lion’s orgasm control. Even without a device I never masturbate. I haven’t gotten myself off since the day I was locked into a male chastity device.

At the moment I’m not wearing a device full time. Mrs. Lion locks me in one when she decides I need penis bondage. Locked or not, she is my only source of sexual release. She teases me nearly every day. She brings me to the brink over and over and then simply stops. I’m trained to keep my hands away. This goes on as long as she wants. Generally, she lets me ejaculate every 7 to 10 days. That seems to be right as far as she’s concerned.

Most people who play with male chastity don’t do it full time. It’s a game they play every so often. That’s fine. It’s a way of life for us. Even though wearing a chastity device isn’t strictly necessary, when she locks me into one, it is a nice reminder of her ability to turn a mental game into a physical one anytime she wants. Even though I find it tricky to pee when wearing a device, I like it a lot when she locks me up. I am in no danger of getting myself off, when locked up I can’t even get hard. That’s even more control.

I admit it. I love the hardware. At this point I don’t have an opinion about my male orgasm control. It’s so embedded in my life, I can’t imagine things any other way.