Too Hard?

Lion actually told me I was hitting him too hard during his maintenance spanking. I was using the bloodwood paddle with the stair tread traction tape on one side, although I wasn’t using the gripper tape side. Afterward, Lion told me this is a light paddle. Then how could I have been hitting too hard?

He was surprised when I backed off after he said it was too hard. What else was I supposed to do? He said I normally back off a bit and then ramp up again. Apparently I didn’t do that. What I did do was swat him harder when I went slower. He still got 300 swats but some of them had a few beats between them.

He was fairly deep red with a few drops of blood on his right cheek, but it didn’t surprise me when he reported no lasting effect this morning. It wasn’t the right paddle for that. The surface area has to be smaller to concentrate the force. Plus, I wasn’t hitting that hard. It was, after all, a maintenance spanking and not real punishment. If I had hit as hard as a punishment spanking, I don’t think he would have been able to take 300 swats.

When I was all done with the spanking, Lion asked if we were doing the Box O’Fun. I didn’t think we would. Then he wondered if that meant he couldn’t have sex. He wanted sex. I’ve been thinking that forgoing the Box O’Fun shouldn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t get sex. Suppose he’s just not in the mood to be poked, prodded or pinched. Or suppose he’s just had a maintenance spanking. I say he can still opt for snuggling or sex. And what I say goes, so I gave him the better part of a blow job. Okay, maybe not the better part. I got him oh-so-close a few times and then he was done. Maybe he needed to be poked, prodded or pinched after all. I don’t think so. Maybe he just needs to be more frustrated.

I can do that.

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  1. Frustration gets my motor running. I think it is likely the same for all males. Why should Lion be any different?

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